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Re: Papa Smurf and his so-called collloidal silver use for acne/skin issues. There are many 'stories' and 'articles' about why he turned 'blue'.
From what I have read and understand, he wasn't making real colloidal silver using distilled water. He was making it using a salt-water starter thus making silver-salts.
The body has a really tough time to get rid of the silver salts - plus the body uses selenium (already a rare trace-mineral that many are short of) and results in all kinds of organ issues, including heart, liver and kidneys.
To make the matter worse, he drank quarts his 'bad silver' daily, plus put it directly on his skin to make himself turn blue (deliberately).
I don't disrespect him for his folly, but he did seem to revel in the Internet and Media attention to his 'blueness'

I have been using/making colloidal silver for skin rash and repeated ear/sinus infections for many years. I was a frequent blood donor  and The Red Cross found out I am missing a blood antigen, so am prone to certain types of infections- doctors didn't know or test for this. Several years after this 'discovery' I stumbled upon colloidal silver and now use it so I not have to depend on doctors/antibiotics for those issues.

I have two different generators: one from The Silver Edge - my main unit - which seems to make a very consistent 1 litre batch at a time - and I am still on the original rods, plus one from Atlas Nova that runs from a single 9-volt battery that I can also power from a small 9-12 volt solar panel (as it only draws micro-amps to make a nice small 8 oz batch) for prepping/disaster/power-outage use. Both units take 3 1/2 to 4 hours to make a batch and have proven reliable. Remember, use only Distilled Water only!!!

As far as antivirals/antibiotics, it is only 1 item of many in my medicine cabinet (as everyone and every instance is different).
Plain old soap and water, essential oils, garlic, make sure you stay hydrated with 'water' (not coffee/pop), Aloe Vera. Witch Hazel, rubbing alcohol, iodine, etc. are just just a few items.

Example, sore throat - remember the salt-water gargle? Gargling with colloidal silver seems to work as well and is ok if you swallow some by accident. Also works for sore gums, canker sores and other mouth issues.

Example, pink-eye - a couple of drops of colloidal silver - 5-15 parts per million) plus some regular eye-drops (Systane or something similar) to keep the eye lubricated and flush out 'crud' worked much better for me than the 'drops' the doctors had me use (over a week and not much better). I have had it 3 times now, the first was a visit to doctors and their antibiotic drops and over a week and second for a different set of drops. The second time it occurred a year or so alter, I did a doctor's visit and confirmed it was the same problem - but didn't fill the prescription - I used colloidal silver and for me it worked overnight! Same with a third case (I suspect it was from co-workers in the office and their handling of office supplies/coffee cups/etc.) The last time, one of my eyes was sore/gritty and I suspected the same issue, and it was gone overnight with the colloidal silver. My son got some 'grit' in his eye and scratched his lense - many specialist appointments and infections and even a couple of eye-surgeries later, he ended using colloidal silver in addition to the prescriptions because the infections were not stopping - all seems well now after 6 months.

Example: Ear-Ache/Sinus - Colloidal drops in the sore ear (5-15 minutes) several times a day can help clear it up without 'drugs'.
Sinus Flush also for sinus/inner ear issues, (NealMed salt/soda packets, and/or pre-mixed NeilMed spray with AloeVera and/or Eucalyptus seems to work well for me as well).
Seems every time I saw a doctor for sinus/ear issues, they prescribed the newest/latest/greatest medication and I had to stop taking them because of the side effects (two years ago). I ended going back to the Colloidal Silver drops/sinus flush to clear it up in a few days.

Example: Skin Rash/Dry Skin/Cracked hands/feet: While I was an auto-mechanic, I developed a skin rash on my hands/arms - saw several doctors, several creams/antibiotics/steroids later I finally found one doctor who figured it it out. I was reacting to the continuous use of 'cream style hand cleaners' that our shop used that used Kerosine as one of the solvents. He and other surgeons used this because of dry skin resulting from having to repeatedly 'scrub-up' for surgeries. His suggestion - was vegetable oil (olive oil, etc.) and regular table sugar (works like a dream and is really cheap). The sugar doesn't dissolve in oil and acts like a coarse grit and helps get the 'dirt' out and oil into the trouble areas (no It didn't sting). I tell anyone I know who has rough/dry/hands about this - (bleeding knuckles/cracks on the fingertips, etc.). Word to the wise, it makes an oily mess in the sink. Ingredients: A teaspoon of oil,  1/8 teaspoon of sugar (or so), A bar of pure soap (example Ivory - no additives or perfumes). Instructions:  First know if you can turn on your hot-water tap with oily hands (you may want to start the hot water running first) - you want hot water, but not burning hot for the rinse and soap-down. Put the oil and sugar in the palm of your hand (order doesn't matter - oil first or sugar first). Next pretend the oil and sugar are soap/water and thoroughly rub/scrub the mixture over your hands/fingers/back of hands, paying particular attention to the trouble areas - dry/cracks/cuticles/hang-nails,under the nails. Next wash/rinse the oil/sugar mix off your hands with plain hot water as best you can and shake off the majority of the water(leaving your hands oily/wet). Next comes some soapy magic - using a DRY bar of soap, soap down your hands, also paying attention to dry/cracked areas - including nails and cuticles - you will find the soap will lather up quite a bit and remove quite a bit of the oil from the surface. Rinse off the oil and repeat if you think there is too much oil left on your hands/skin. Everyone I I have shown this to has remarked how smooth, soft and refreshed their skin feels after this 'treatment'. You can use this 2 or three times day (when your skin feels dry) as necessary. For me, 2 or 3 times and it clears up nicely, (until I have have oil/gas on my hands again). It sure works for me, and no more doctors visits for expensive prescription creams/lotions that don't seem to work - Yay!

My stories and experiences and I am sticking to them and I am no doctor.
I just wish I could find a Canadian Health Care Provider who includes Integrative and/or Functional practices. Western MD's (read as Medical/Medicne Doctors) don't seem know about Health Care, just diseases.
When was the last time your doctor asked about your diet, sleep and stress issues and suggested changes first (but would you even listen)?
I believe the key is to find a 'Trusted Health Care Practioner'. Trust must be earned, not assumed.

Best wishes for everyone's future endeavours.

9 months ago
Awesome job with what looks to me as a form of "Darning repair", and use of Bias Tape for the corners.
I have seen new bags come with such poor stitching they come apart on the first use.
Sometimes buying Bias Tape is simpler than making it yourself, but either way it is very effective at reinforcing the joins/corners.

I love that you are still using a 'Vibrating Shuttle' sewing machine.
Is the machine a treadle, hand crank or electric and what kind is it - looks like it might be an early Singer or similar machine.
My wife is a quilter and as such I have engaged in repair/refurbish of the 'older' machines.
This includes several Singer Featherweight(221), 99's, 66';s, 128 'coffin top' machines (all treadle/hand-crank/electric),
Along with other brands from Elna to White and branded machines (Sears, Eatons, etc.
These machines just simply work well on anything from satin/lace to canvas & light leather - and easy to  maintain/repair.
There is something soothing about using a treadle machine.

Great idea and workmanship/workwomanship(?)

Respectively, /phil/
10 months ago