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Are you permies are aware of this project?

If so, what are your opinions/experiences? Wouldn`t it be amazing to create masses of food forests the same way, or merging the existing networks and knowledge of forestgardeners and PFTP?
2 years ago
Just two ideas without experience on the subject for those, who think they are perfectly safe unless burned and decide to use them accodringly.

1.- stacking them up for potatoes, add a new tire and fill it with soil as the plants are rising above the last one. - I imagine it as an easy and plenty harvest that people have tried (tired?) already.
2.- It might save you the trouble of digging up a burdock root if you plant it on stacked tires of about a meter height.
So looking for giveaway stuff in the area for my upcoming watering system on the acre, I came across a several medium sealable plastic barrels. The owners told me they give it for free if I take all the corn that was stored inside of them for a couple of years now. Its only corn kernels, about 500 kg, in blue barrels, air tight. Some has a few moths and other insects in it. I had no other choice but to leave them on the field where they are exposed to sunlight.

Question: How can I use them well to fertilize the land? Can I build them in my soon-to-be hugelkultur bed? Can I compost them or make a tea out of them? Im looking for ideas, if you happen to have one, please dont hesitate to share!

I would not like to plant them, I dont have any animals yet (only a number of trees and shrubs freshly planted beside a well.) The sooner I start to process them, better.
Hi there again, thanks for all of your effort understanding the situation and contributing to the project. With my first post i might appear new here but i come to the permies community since many years for inspiration, design ideas and solutions. I´m glad for all of your answers!

Dear Annie! Thanks for sharing your setup, im happy if it does good service to you. I think our elevation might be higher than yours, but the area we would like to cover is way bigger in relation to that elevation. As far as I understand a dripping hose will loose much pressure over the lenght, delivering less water at the end. Partly thats why I choose these adjustable emitters, to have a closed system where I can regulate and equalize water delivery. However, on the product page I linked earlier they say "working pressure 1-3 kg". Could somebody please try to explain me what does that mean? To my understanding, kilogramm is not a valid unit here (not because its metric ).

We understand that for now we must use a pump to fill the tank, but we would like to use it as less as possible. Thats why gravity feeding, and thats why drip irrigation. Isn`t it the most energy and water saving solution? I know, now its stinky and noisy as we run it from a generator, but we would also like to exchange this setup to a solar pump that could fill our tank slow, but steady. And you can make sure I will let you knowhat is our solution.

RedHawk! It´s a honor to read your comment here. I understand that might be the case.
"At 2m height you could find the lines don't empty all the water from the tank." - Is this an estimate in relation to the length of my main pipe laid down, or is a guess based on your intuition and experience on the subject?

Dear Wil! Thanks for your comment, yes I did! As far as I understand the principles of the Ram pump it gives a lower flow rate, where I need the opposite. I find it a good and interesting option for many scenarios, but here I agree with Michael unless there is something we dont see.

Michael Cox: Thanks for your comment, I like the idea of raising soil levels slightly. However, what I did not mention so far is that the land we are developing is in the flood area of the Rhine river, where an annual flooding is predictable on 2/3 of the land. Therefore, countless (german...) restrictions apply to what and how, especially about housing, or permanent structures. we are in the process of learning the legal grounds. Drilling a well not a legal activity. We are thinking of the flooding factor often, and we are going to experiment with what happens to a swale or mound, poles or small manmade structures this winter. However, we need to get the watering system done in the next weeks. And yes, we are about to hide whatever is going to take place on the land, by growing more edible hedges all around. Is there somebody who would like to engage deeper in designing them with me? If anybody is interested, I can give more details

Comments, ideas all welcome! Thanks you all!
hello to all who might have recommendations, ideas, or who might want to learn from this discussion.

Earlier this spring we hand-dug a 10m deep well at the highest elevation of the site to have easy water access for future projects on a sandy farmland on the southern, sunny part of germany, in a hope that we can transform this land to our little paradise.
soon after the well was done and tested, we have planted 15 fruit/nut trees staked, mulched, and more to come.

Right now we are about to set up an expandable drip irrigation system, and thats where advice comes in really handy.
first round to water the trees ASAP, as for now we are watering them by hand, second circuit for a vegetable garden next year.

the trees are scattered on the "edible hedge zone" of our land, that is about 100 meters long.
we could lift a 1000l water tank (that needs to be refilled with a small electric pump periodically) about 2 meters from ground level, use a 100 m 1/2 inch distribution tubing with 1/4 inch branches and reducer tees, and multiple adjustable emitters (these ones: ) for each tree.

im about to build this system described, then adjust each emitter so they emit the same amount of water in a given time (open more the ones that are further away from the tank, taking less pressure), then every time fill up the tank with the amount of water needed, and let it flow down in the system, no matter how long it takes. so far more like build, test, and then see the GPH, instead of knowing what flow rate I need and design accordingly.

this setup means very little water pressure, still without experience on the field I think its possible. what do you think?

I basically need advice here from people of experience in low pressure, gravity fed drip irrigation, to understand if this idea makes sense at all, if this setup is in fact would be able to bring the water so far from the source, If it could provide sufficient water for the trees, and for future veggie garden areas.
I know with more elevation comes more pressure, yet not only our resources are limited, we also face local law restirictions - we can not lift the container higher.
thanks for all ideas, recommendations and advice.

Hey Paul.
Im Bo, 22, but not a kid.
About to start a crowdfunding campaign to get me exactly there from Europe. I`ve read and listened to a hell load of the quality information available. I`m doing what I can to learn hands/on knowledge in europe, funding myself and traveling around various communities in europe. There is two scenarios that generally occur here
or the community does not have the necessary foundation to provide quality education in exchange of working hours
or they have the foundation, rescources and networking - and they offer it in exchange of very serous prices. (for my budget at least)

Im a hardworker, living a very intense life on travel for the last five years, and was looking for the perfect education system available for my interest - and in your booter project I`d found it. Sounds like the perfect training at the perfect time of my life.

Getting a proper Visa might take some time... Is there anybody here on the forums who could tell me what sort of US Visa is the best to apply for to stay in the USA contributing to this project? Can I overstay with a simple traveling visa and catch a boat back to Europe when the time is ripe?
I`m looking for the easiest solution available, if the community would be in this continent, I`d be there already. Maybe we can kickstart something here with the very same foundation?
Greetings, Bo
2 years ago