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Peter VanDerWal wrote:I'm assuming your intention is to have power even when the sun is down?

Not that it matters, your idea is not likely to work, or at least not well.  

It might work if you had two large ponds, and one was about 100 feet higher than the other.  Or if you had two small lakes with one that was 10-20 feet higher.

It takes roughly 30,000 gallons per day to power a fridge and some lights if you have 100 feet of head, or about 300,000 gallons a day with only 10 feet of head.

And of course your storage efficiency will suck.  A couple golf cart batteries will be cheaper than the pumps, turbines, generators, etc. and will have at least twice the efficiency so you'd only need 1/2 as many solar panels.

Thank you for this helpful post. again I am new and want to help create some sustainable energy to power my fridge and if possible get off the grid. Just in case it is needed.
Any tips or solutions Peter?
1 year ago
I am new to the site but have an idea to see if it makes sense for renewable energy to power my fridge and some lights.
I have no running water through our yard but a pool and a slop. I was think what if we use a pump powered by solar to run through a water wheel that is connected to an alternator that would connect to a battery bank?

Or a man made pond with pump run on solar to help generate enough flow to run through a water wheel that would be connected to a battery bank that would then help power the pump and help run our fridge and household?

We are currently consuming 23KW per month for our house. Pool filter, fidge and other utilites that we have become accustomed to.

I am concerned about continued power from our utilities and wanting to create a cost effective way to be off the grid for food and renewable energy.

Does this make any sense? Would love some feedback or direction how to make this work if possible.

1 year ago