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It looks fabulous!
From a marketing standpoint I would remove the comment from Michelle about not finishing the crotchet project, gives a 'cant follow thru' impression and you don't want that in any context.
Focus more on a statement about the kids and smiling faces  and how she treasures that or quizickle (sp) look they have when being exposed to new things....somethig like that. Everyone loves kids and knowing that they could be contributing to making the next generation better warms the heart.
  I don't see the rewards breakdown  in my views but a $1 reward seems pretty low ball, Even if you have 1000 of them you are only 2% of the way there.
Why not start with $5 which at 1000 rewards gets you 11% of the way  (I know very little about the statistics of what works for Kickstarter and you may have already found that the $1 thing works best!) .

Video and content looks great overall!