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Hi! This is rare and I'm not sure if I'll get any replies at all.

Are you a single mom whose been having a dream of quitting your job, living off the grid and working for yourself on your own small farm and growing your own crops, raising your own animals and eating truly organic food while your child grow up having a healthier life without flu shots and tylenol? Herbs and essential oils are my choice ♡

I'm a young single mom and widow. I've had a passion to go off the grid and create my own homestead with my child. I want to buy a nice sized piece of land in northern Arizona and build a house...but only after staying in an RV temporarily until construction is complete. <---If this seems like something you don't want to do, then dont reply. I know there is alot of hardwork involved with living on your own homestead and I am by no means an experienced farmer, welder,hunter ect but I'm willing to learn and sharpen my skills and I have a passion succeed. I believe we, as humans are capable of so much more than we know. If our ancestors could live a sustainable lifestyle off the earth, so can we.This is the way I want to live my life and the passion has reignited in me since the passing of my husband. The reason why I'm looking for a single mom is because I want to be able to contribute 50% on a homestead without feeling pressure to date and find marriage just to achieve this dream. Doing this with a couple is also not something I'm interested in. Just a single mom who may be struggling and want to stop working  and change their lifestyle for the better.  Pretty much just a cool and chill partner to homestead with. As long as you believe in God, we will be able to get along. Also no racists..I'm African ya Lol

Don't reply if:
*You are incapable of helping build a home (I figure 2 separate homes so we have our space but still helping each other with construction) also building barn,outhouse, treehouse,ect
*You don't like animals
*You don't want to grow vegetables/fruits/herbs
*You don't want to learn to cook from scratch
*You wouldn't like to harvest your own rainwater
*You arent willing to hunt or butcher an animal you raised for food
*You don't want free range animals
*You dont use herbal medicine
*You refuse to stop buying poiseous chemicals for your home like bleach
*You aren't strong enough or you don't want to become strong enough  to lift heavy objects,use tools,wepons,ect
*You don't want to learn and practice survival skills
*You need your kids in traditional public school
*You think only men can build houses and chop wood
*You don't want to learn to setup and use solar power
*You are a thief,lazy,liar,abusive,addict or us both the trouble...don't reply

Also if you aren't willing to video chat and meet in a public place then do not contact me.

If you are one of those few unique single women who are raising a child\children and want to achieve your dream of living off the grid with a like-minded woman then I hope to here from you soon! Although I don't expect many replies if any..My email is
2 years ago