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Would any of you even be interested in seeing this kind of business work? When I was a kid my parents split up and got divorced. So I grew up most of my life living in Apartments because my mom couldn't make enough to get us a house. And I'll tell you what I wish I could of grew up in a apartment like this. If there is anyone else who would like to make this a reality. I would love to hear from you.
2 days ago
It will be different with each apartment complex. As we have to make do with what is already available. But later down the road when we have the funds to create our own apartment buildings from scratch. We could factor all that stuff in that your talking about in. The Permaculture landscaping company we use will be servicing the apartments. We do not expect the tenants to know how to do that kind of stuff. With that being said I want this to look very pleasing to the eye. There will be a charge included in the rent not to pay for food. But to help pay the Permaculture company to service the apartments. They will be doing all the harvesting and putting what's available in a designated spot. This whole idea could and will work. It's just a matter of someone taking the initiative to make it happen. And working out all the kinks and making it work like we visioned it to be.
3 days ago
Hello again, thanks for your comments so far. But I am going to kindly disagree with you guys about starting with 5 or 10 instead. We think it will have a better Impact on more people if we did a 100 instead. At first the people who are already renting there might not be interested. But in time it will start attracting the right people who are either trying to save money on food. Or the people who are interested in eating healthier and can't afford it. And don't have a place where they can grow it. We believe that when the edible landscape is mature around 4-5 years. We will start noticing the impact it will have. With one of them being a 100% occupancy with a waiting list to move in. And as for how much experience do I have? This will be our first commercial real estate project. We have done our research and have taken courses on commercial real estate. And we even have mentors that will be helping guide us the right way if need be. Plus we we always be learning more now that we know what path we want to take. But if your main concern is who is going to be managing the apartments. We are going to hire a professional management company to manage the apartments. And later down the road maybe after we own 3 or 4 apartment buildings. We will either buy a franchise management company or make our own.
6 days ago
Hello my fellow permies enthusiast's, My partner and I are getting ready to start a crowd funding campaign. We would love to get your opinion on our business idea. We are going to be raising money to start a Commercial Real Estate company. Our company will make money by buying 100+ unit apartment buildings. We want to find Apartments that need some work done to them. The Apartments that we find will need to have enough land to create a edible landscape. For the people who are currently living in the Apartment complex. We want to use a Permaculture designing company to create the edible landscape. We plan on donating all the fruits and veggies that the Apartments grow to the tenants at the Apartments. But we will be adding a $10.00 charge for the Permaculture company to maintain the landscaping on a weekly basis. We feel they will be the best company to use for the edible landscape. Most gardening company's won't know what to do to maintain it. By using a Permaculture landscape we hope to save money on our water bill as well. Which will help the bottom line and will help us expand faster. This is going to be a long term investment we will not be selling this company and will also not be on the open stock market. We don't want Rich corporations to buy enough shares to take charge. We want this company to keep expanding the world through the years. So we can one day feed thousands of people on a daily basis. And as a plus people who normally wouldn't live where there food grow get to. As a company we plan on always donating 10% of are profits to different Permaculture projects or to project that help feed people. We would even like to one day create our own massive Permaculture project that will feed many people. One of our main goal for this company will to one day be able to buy land and build our own apartment building that will be Permaculture focused. They will harvest water and electricity to supply the landscape and the buildings. They will be specifically designed with Permaculture practices.

We are looking at 3 different Apartment buildings that are a 100+ units. But since they might not still be around by the time I get funded for this business plan. So instead we decided to ask for 70% of the asking price for 100+ units Apartments. Which after doing some research we found that  5.5 million is the average price we came up with. So we will be asking for 3,850,000. Plus 700,000 for the Permaculture landscape and repairs that need to be done. So in total we will be asking for 4,550,000 but since we have a bunch of fee's and taxes we have to pay I think we will ask for 5,000,000 instead. Please give us your opinions about our business idea. Or your opinion on how we should get people involved to make this happen. Plus most of these crowdfunding campaigns give out incentives to get people more involved. What type of incentives can we use to help with our crowdfunding campaign? Thanks for taking the time to read this your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
1 week ago
Here are some pics of my family and I. Figured it would be a good idea to post some pictures of us. We also have one baby coming as well. By the time we move to Costa Rica are baby will have been born. If you have any questions about us or the community we are trying to organize. Please feel free to post on here or send a private message. Or we can keep in touch through email. Pura Vida
5 months ago
Thanks for your interest Chris. Let me know when you want to talk more about it.
5 months ago
I have not yet put it on the market I was waiting till spring. Because it snows there in winter. But I will be selling it for less then I bought it for. I plan on selling it for 45,000.
5 months ago
Hello Rook, I'm not sure if you had read through it all. But we are selling are land in Arizona and now starting it in Costa Rica. Are you looking to become a member of the community or a volunteer. We are going to be a Vegan community. So you will have to be able to be okay with that. We have not yet gotten a any land as of yet. I am trying to get more people interested in becoming member of the community to be able to purchase the land we need. If your just trying to volunteer. We will keep your contact info and reach you when we are ready. Just keep in mind you would most likely have to live in a tent until we build living quarters. We plan on just purchasing raw land. Unless one of our members decides to donate either land with homes on it already. Or has more money to donate to buying the community a big peice of land with homes on it. I explain it better in my new post I posted in the intentional community collum.
5 months ago
Thanks I really appreciate it, I don't want to be on probation. And I wasn't trying to do anything that would put me there.
Hello, one of my posts are on probation because in contradicts the Title at the end of my posts. But I would have deleted it myself if there was an option to do so. And if you can delete a post I couldn't figure it out. I just don't understand why it would be hard to find where you can delete a post you no longer want up there.