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Here is a wierd thought. What would happen if you put the barrel upside down...
so instead of it being connected at the base and standing up into the room, it would be connected at the top and the barrel and placed into the ground with the flue then coming from the bottom of the barrel.

Would it stop functioning if the flame could not rise or would the draw still be potentially great enough to force the flame downward.

Just a wierd thought that if it worked could save a lot of space.
3 years ago
Thanks for all the replies, i am still curious for the water jacket, if nothing else than that i am already going to have external water thermal stores so not really any extra space will be lost. As well as the thermal capacity of the water is going to far exceed any amount of cob.
Probably not a completly open system but If i did this i would definetly have vent points along it to stop explotion chances.

My only worry was that if i took too much heat away from the barrel too fast then i prevent the flue from creating a propper draw. As long as that isn't an issue then it could be a fun project.

The flue will also be burried in a stone mass at ground level to leach more heat before exhausting as well.
3 years ago
I had a theoretical thought and wondered if it would work.

I am planing to build a greenhouse with extra heating from a rocket mass heater in the near future, only problem is the greenhouse will be polycarbinate with a wood frame and i am worried the barrel could melt the polycarbonate or burn the wood if it is too close.

Additionally i will be using water mass to store heat in the greenhouse. This gave me a thought, I could put another barrel around the sides of the existing barrel, seal it, and run a pump through to my water stores to ack as a water jacket, thus cooling the barrel and trapping the excess heat in the water for later. (With something to release pressure should the water start to boil)

Would this work as i intend it too and harness more heat from the system? Or would it do something to effect the draw of the air? Could it even potentially improve the draw?
3 years ago
Ive been reading a lot about batch boxes, and i keep seeing about the p-channel.
I kinda understand how it works but cant find a lot on exactly where it goes in the batch box design.
Does it enter directly into the riser or just into the steel barrel?
And how far down should the pipe lead?
Also how important is it? Could you make a batch box without it?
4 years ago

Matt Coston wrote:P.S. I live in the UK too. Are you anywhere near London? I've never built a RMH before so there's a possibility I could lend a hand as long as it doesn't involve much travel.

Thanks for the help, unfortunatly i will be doing this on the isle of man.
4 years ago

Mike Phillipps wrote:I admire your ambition and it's a clever idea but I still think this is rather challenging to do with a smaller greenhouse.  It has a very high surface to volume ratio.  It requires a surprising amount of insulation and/or heat and there is relatively little space for plants.  "Season extension" is one thing, growing year-round is another.

The dimentions arn't dead set yet, and may end up a bit larger but as i mentioned i will be putting in a few different methods for insulating and keeping temperature, such as:
1) The fan assisted 3ft climate battery as mentioned before.
2) Surrounding the lower section in water barrels to increase thermal mass and provide a bench for the plants.
3) Sinking the greenhouse 3ft into the ground to limit wind chill and help insulate.
4) Using double wall polycarbonate to increase insulation vs glass.
5) In winter placing  bubble wrap around the walls to further increase insulation.
6) Placing a large insulated compost bin on the north wall and having a metal wall or fencing inbetween it and the greenhouse to provide passive heat.
7) The rest of the north wall will also be insulated.
8) The Rocket Mass Heater for winted heating.

The reason i want it to be year round is because i hope to eventually convert the greenhouse to be aquaponic. (After ive got the whole year round growth sorted).
4 years ago
Im currently designing a 10x8ft greenhouse and am trying to grow year round, I live in the UK so winter can get below freezing.

To that end im designing in multiple heat gathering and reserving features, one of which is a 3ft deep gravel climate battery under the greenhouse to help keep everything warm at night.

In the winter however we dont get loads of sun and im afraid the climate battery wont warm much, so for the winter im also planning to pipe into the battery a rocket mass heater, which should provide plenty of warmth and since the mass is already their  the RMH shouldnt take up much space.

Most the the systems ive seen have been for heating medium to large buildings, but how big would i need this system to be? And how many fire bricks would i need for both the burn tunnel and the riser as they can be quite pricey here in the uk.

I should also mention i quite like the batch box design over the j-tube, i was hoping to make a version of paul van den burgs design but half the size of the wood feed to save space, would this still work the same though?
4 years ago