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Recent posts by Joey de Borst

Here in Northern Austria we use sheep wool to deter the deer. It's said they don't like the smell. I also use it to protect my plants for slugs. Making a 5cm wide circular shape with wool around the plant protects it.
9 months ago

I have with my wife,2 children and volunteers a small homestead in Mailberg, Ausria. We maintain about 4000m² divided over several plots (Orchard, Village Garden & Forest) from which some are very steep. And we work together with a wine farmer to turn his Grape yard into a poly culture.  
We keep bees who built there own wax,have 2 dogs and we cultivate mushrooms.
We build Swale systems, terraces from wood, Hugelkultur and more.
We tend to avoid using plastics, using mainly materials on site.
Since 2014 we garden after Permaculture principles and have been expanding since.

Here you can see the documenting of our experiences:
Youtube Channel:

Our Website:

If you enjoy our video's, please share. It would help us as much as we hope it helps you!
11 months ago