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Irene Kightley wrote:We have Muscovy ducks.

Just what is in that picture besides the liver? And what do you do with the other parts/organs?
3 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:

Marco Banks wrote:I use my credit card for everything

I disagree wholeheartedly, as another has said, if a person does not have cash, they cannot afford it, but what was not said is cash is king. That is very much the truth. From chainsaws to stoves, when retailers know I have cold hard cash in my pocket, I have gotten some amazing deals. Sometimes it is because they do not have to pay the credit card transaction fee, but mostly it is because they too like cash. For example, I once bought an old antique stove for 50% off because I paid in cash, on the spot. It was a $1400 stove, so I saved $700.

But that is hardly a one time thing; I can be driving along the side of the road and see something for sale and buy it, negotiating the price.

This need not be a teeter-totter, binary choice. A wad of cash for incidentals, and a good card for routine buys, makes sense to me. And afford can, and imho should, mean for the month, not just for the moment. So, if you really pay it off monthly, you were affording it. Cards are a trap, as you make purchases to chase points and rewards; if you can ignore that temptation, as the previous commenter apparently does, they do pay off.
4 months ago
I need to do something with the manure from 3 cats. Currently it goes into landfill, along with pine pellet litter and all the urine. Can BSF use some or all of that? When you feed them manures, is it moist and smelly? iI'd feed them some green waste and table scraps too. can that be countered by some other feed stuffs? I don't really have a use for the larvae, although I might feed the birds with them. I am looking for compost too, but mostly dealing with the litter boxes.
Also, the Separett toilet yields semi-dry packets of partly composted humanure, if I read the website right. Can BSF use that without too much stink?
All thoughts on this appreciated.
5 months ago
We do dishes by hand and have been using Sal Suds, obviously not ok for greywater. We are considering using Dr Bronner's castile liquid soap and/or a pure emulsified orange oil degreaser. Our overall purpose is water conservation. Has anyone used these products for greywater? is there any reason not to use them? I want to be able to water my fig, apple, pear and citrus trees, but I don't expect to water my annual veggies with the greywater.
1 year ago