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Chalk this up to electronic communication and its shortcomings...

I disagree with you that earthbag building is only useful for supplemental purposes.
There have been many lovely and comfortable homes built with earthbags; they can resemble
most conventional building styles, so the neighbors should have no basis for complaint.

I do not see this at the Cal Earth site anywhere...maybe I have missed this, but where?
Where are these homes being built and in what states and counties?  I see everything on
the HOW, but not much on the WHERE.  State codes and laws are huge hoops to deal with
and those are in off grid counties like Hesperia which is far from employment unless you
want to work a $10 hr job at the local Subway.  Few options in this location...
1 year ago

I know that in Hesperia, California the CalEarth Institute got code acceptance for several of their designs.  

Thanks retirement and employment I refer to location, if Hesperia, CA allows for earthbag designs, the one has to move to Hesperia and is limited to working from Hesperia which means one would almost need to be retired to live there.  Same with other counties. Agreed earthbag designs as supplemental use is great, but not for home use. Then there are the locals who have traditional housing not usually thrilled their neighbor has a "hobbit home" next door. Just keeping it real.
1 year ago
WOW...this is fabulous!  Welcome Kelly!!!
PLEASE give information on WHERE earthbag building is accepted.
What is the point of learning HOW if there is no opportunity to
*Where in CA can you build?  
*Is this only for a retirement person?
*If location is so limited then jobs are limited.

In other words...great idea, but application seems difficult.

Thank you...
1 year ago
Hi Nancy...
Also interested.  Seems right up my alley.  Lived in Chehalis and Shelton, WA doing much the same. Cared for 10 acre small farm--40 chickens, goats, pigs, dogs, garden, worked all large and small equipment.  Was working overseas as a teacher until my mom passed and life got crazy.  Been in a hold pattern here in CA caring for my dad but my sister has got involved--water & oil, so very interested.  Seeking a opportunity from another member in northern CA which ends mid-May so timing seems ideal.

Cannot find a PM option so contacting in forum.  Do not want to tread on Derek, but just wanted to touch base. 55yo single male, dog rescuer (, drummer, teacher, writer

Joe;  clacura23 (at) yahoo
1 year ago