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Hi folks,

I'm fairly new to gardening of any sort, other than some containers on my deck. We just had the overgrown backyard cleared out, and rather than put in grass I'd like to do low maintenance plants. My other criterion is that I want plants that are safe for dogs.

The backyard was full of weeds some of which had been growing quite tall. Now it bare dirt with some clover looking plants and not sure what else. What I would like to do is spread seeds and see what takes hold.

Here are the plants I'm considering:

LatinCommonDog Safety
AnnualEschscholzia caespitosaCreeping Daisy?
AnnualDwarf California Poppy?
AnnualLobularia maritimaSweet Alyssumsafe
AnnualNemophila maculataFive Spot?
AnnualChenopodium albumlambsquartersafe
PerennialStellaria mediachickweedsafe
PerennialThymus serpyllumCreeping Thymesafe
PerennialTrifolium repensWhite cloverpresume safe
PerennialTrifolium fragiferumStrawberry cloverpresume safe
PerennialTaraxacum officinaledandelionsafe
PerennialPlantago majorplantainsafe
PerennialBellis perenniswild english daisiesmay or may not be safe
PerennialHypochaeris radicatacatsearsafe

I read somewhere that it's good to include annual seeds for some color the first year and then the perennials take over after that.

My questions:

  • What do you think of this list? Any you might take out?
  • Suggestions for proportioning the mix? What percentages of each?
  • Can I just spread seeds and water? Or should I prepare the soil somehow?

  • I'm in San Francisco, CA if that's helpful/important to know.
    1 year ago