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for people looking for a "more natural" way of adding co2

one potential way could be to set up a bucket with calcite or other carbonate rocks and use an automated ph controller to dose vinegar(or other acid) into the bucket

i did a quick search to show the type of product i mean although i am sure there are less expensive options


then using a meter for co2 one could dial in what ph to maintain in order to release the desired amount of co2

the calcite would have to be topped up occasionally as well as the vinegar reservoir  
6 days ago
cloves... put some in youre mouth near the tooth
my friend told me this but i havent had an opportunity to try it but he swears by it
1 week ago
wash with a strong soap like sunlight bar soap or liquid dish soap ... the sooner after exposure the better
then apply "spotted touch me not" juice

i get poison ivy bad... pretty much every year
as a kid when i got it bad i would go to the walk in clinic and they would prescribe a prednisone cream or if was really bad oral prednisone
well one day i reached a breaking point dealing with poison ivy on my groin on a holiday so it meant a trip to the hospital
they (while being paid all the while) made me tell my story to 4 or 5 different people  separately and i am sure they were all laughing about it
i was then put in a room with 40 people all in need of medical attention more than me
its canada so those in the worst shape get priority
so i left and had to figure something out myself

i find if it is all over you.. you need to shower many times per day with strong soap for about a week
the itching is so bad you will want to scratch it right off to the point of bleeding and scalding hot water feels "good"

i did find out that the plant "spotted touch me not" which tends to grow near poison ivy..
can help to stop the allergic reaction.. especially if applied as soon as possible after exposure (wash with detergent soap too)

i will warn however that when i used this on my forehead i did have some persistent bumps for about a year afterwards so i recommend not using it on youre face
it seems to me (complete subjecture here) the oils which youre body has encapsulated (ie rash) can then re emerge as the skin is worn down naturally and you may get a small rash
(which does not spread) without subsequent exposure
just my guess as to what is happening

also be sure to wash clothing that you were wearing and put it directly in the wash as not to spread the oils

either way i will still use the juice from the crushed stems of the spotted touch me not and first wash thoroughly with a strong soap
no wages earned or drugs sold.. and problem solved ... without ridicule
1 week ago
maybe the laundry one could have a link to the cleaning with cleansers you can eat book
1 week ago
i get 3 views on my garden tour videos...
one is me at a friends house
the other two i know who they are
this is on vimeo though.. the tags never seem to get me any views

maybe add a link to youre etsy and links to cotton seed
1 week ago
i thought i would share my experience with rare palm seeds

i have had mixed results.. some of which was my error

i failed to germinate neem seeds
had good results with yucca and aloe barberea
was successful and unsuccessful in germinating both palm and banana seed

the trick to their site which i learned is to order only from the "new" section
they do sell older stock with poor germination rates

not sure of how competitive the prices are but they do have bulk rates
also not sure if these count as certified

overall i like RPS and will order from them again
1 week ago
check out this footage i captured and my friend edited of birds (maybe mergansers) chasing small fish underwater

2 weeks ago
its been a while since i have had an owl swoop over my head
i dont walk in the woods at night as much though....

i had my nephew out fishing in the canoe in september and saw two bald eagles grasp each other and do a spiral towards the lake like you were describing... i was told it was a mating ritual.. didnt look it up to confirm though...

on a canoe trip north of lake superior i was paddling through a gorge with sheer cliffs on either side
an osprey caught a nice sized fish and while flying away with it a bald eagle came along and they had a little tussle mid air and the bald eagle took off with the fish like you have described

up working by hand on the road to gain access to my property... there were 3 grey jays which would fly in at the same time each day and land on nearby trees and watch me for a bit and then take off
supposedly they fly around in multi generational groups and teach things to the young ones

i love the racket of song birds up there... i think part of the reason there are so many is that the bugs are horrific! lots of blackflies and mosquitoes

i see sandhill cranes up there fairly often as well and hear loons on a nearby lake at night

lots of egrets and multiple types of herons around here also

hummingbirds like our backyard here in the city mostly because of the rose of sharon and monarda... i would like to plant some monarda up north

kingfishers, ravens(or are they crows), turkey vultures, sandpipers.. the list goes on and i should study more because many i cant identify

it would be pretty cool to be able to fly
2 weeks ago
good point with the home heating...
i will never be on board with bitcoins
i have no money to invest in it anyways
i will "invest" in building my 4season greenhouse

since i am speaking directly with you i would like to say
i appreciate the forum and strive to be like you all