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Recent posts by M. Phelps

it might be good to pick one of the more cold hearty varieties to acquire if possible
i really liked this video on varieties of coffee

3 months ago
i had camellia sinensis but like Paul mine died from under watering
sort of my fault.. at this time of year i stop watering to make the pots lighter to carry inside and down to the basement for winter
once in the basement i did not get it thoroughly re hydrated

i bought a coffee tree at the same time and it is still alive although i have had it for many years i have only had it flower and fruit twice so far
scale and mealy bug infestation ruined the one crop
the other i was able to brew a cup of my home grown coffee but i botched the roasting process
i tried doing it in a frying pan and flipping the beans a lot but still ended up with beans burnt on the outside and raw in the middle
a better way to roast on a small scale is with an air popper for popcorn... you get a good even roast
hopefully i get a crop indoors this year and i will try that
the tree is fairly happy at the moment and both times it flowered before was over the winter inside
i plan to build a subtropical greenhouse as well and i think you would get consistent production with consistent growing conditions

i would like to get tea and a few others which i killed over the years again but cant justify buying plants until the greenhouse is built

oh yeah if you do end up with scale and mealybug on youre plants a good predator is Lindorus Lophanthae
or spray distilled water with a small amount of dish soap and  10- 20% alcohol... over and over until it clears up
physical squishing first to knock the population down helps

thanks for the tips on substitutes everyone because it might be a while before i am able to produce my own

3 months ago
here are a couple pictures from my Aunt's place on the weekend

5 months ago
its funny (to me at least) to play a ragga jungle or footwork mix in the background with a shuffling video muted and set to 2X playback speed

like if you use this video for example as the audio and play the shuffling one recently posted at 2X

although this video on its own is a classic!
i have to dance at least a little when i watch it!
sorry about the swear word in the intro

6 months ago
red raspberry seed oil has a very high spf something like 50+
mix with something with coconut oil to get the spf you want
8 months ago
the idea is to each make a channel showcasing neighbourhood clean ups and hopefully spread the idea
i will post their channels here as they start to post content
feel free to make your own channel if you feel inspired to do so!
9 months ago
what did you eat in the last few days?

i had a bad reaction to onion powder recently
i was out of commission for 2/3 of a day
last time this happened i was sick for 2/3 of the day then vomited and felt great afterwards
headache, lack of energy(slept most of the day) stuffed but solid and dry sinuses
nausea, belly full of morning coffee which was not being processed/moving its way along
all because of eating too much food with onion powder in it

you may have a food sensitivity too
9 months ago
nice visuals Pearl!
here are a couple more in the dream / fractal theme

9 months ago