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Recent posts by M. Phelps

i came across the article when i signed out of outlook... you could post there as well if you have outlook/hotmail
1 week ago
i have a coffee tree and it has a couple berries on it now but not many
in the past i had enough berries to make a cup of coffee but i botched the roasting process
i used a frying pan and flipped them around but the ended up burnt on the outside and raw in the middle still
my next good batch of beans i will roast them in an air popper for popcorn to get an even roast
all the times i have gotten fruit was during the winter when the tree was inside and under lights in the basement for the winter

mine is about 5 feet tall currently.. not sure of the exact variety
i have had it for at least 10 years and it has fruited several times
this is in toronto canada
3 weeks ago
yeah Ezra, i was going to mention yucca as well
the list in the link at the top of the page (table 2)
mentions the bark of yucca schidigera, i was thinking more the roots of yucca glauca

apparently bayberry is used in soap making... wasnt sure if it was a source of saponins so i googled myrica pensylvanica and got a result for myrica esculenta
seeds containing saponins

another one i came across in the richter's catalogue is atriplex canscens (saltbush) ... leaves soaked in water

thanks for the link to that extensive list
3 weeks ago
bananas.org is really slow to load sometimes and doesnt load at all at other times lately but if you give it a min to load this thread is similar to what you are describing


also here is another one which you might like as well

4 weeks ago