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John Yost

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since Mar 20, 2018
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I am a former high school science teacher. I built a small, off-grid cabin in the woods and lived there for 12+ years. It was just amazing living there!
I've traveled to many countries and love building things.
I have had gardens my whole life and I sell composting worms online.
Oh, and I am really good at primitive survival skills!
Mazomanie, WI
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r ranson posted a link in this thread to a book that I just downloaded. It is GREAT! I have been making basic string and nets for 30+ years and the book linked to above has great ideas that I hadn't thought of! It's worth putting another link in for it here!
1 year ago
This is an amazing plant!!!
I wrote an article about using nettles, and lamb's quarters can be prepared and harvested much the same way. You can even nip off the terminal buds and eat them like with nettles, and then the lamb's quarters will send out multiple terminal buds to eat later  in the season. The nettle article is here:
I usually wait to harvest any of the plant until it is abotu 12" high and has a good start, because if you pick the shoots, you car really set the plant back.
1 year ago
i'm pretty good at suvival skills, so my list is a bit different than other people's, but I'd take;

the saw from which i can make a knife as well.
rope for shelter building and to unravel and make a fishing net out of.
a pot
and the tarp for water collection and shelter.

i actually did something like this here in wisconsin where i took a knife, blanket, a pan, some paracord, and my clothes... and lived in the forest for 44 days.
1 year ago