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Gray Henon wrote:Will Dexters marble up if grain finished?  We raised a grassfed steer several years ago.  It was good, but the meat didn't have the slightest bit of intramuscular fat.  I'd like some marbling on the next one.

I don't have cows so I might be dumb, My understanding was grass finishing doesn't produce the heavy marbling.
Intramuscular fat is a sign of metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease I hear.  Everything about grassfed is better for the health or the ruminant when compared to high grain intake.
I love to eat, but i'm not a beef connoisseur so I cannot speak on breed. From my experience the yellow fat is the flavor which comes from the grass while the white fat is juicy without as much flavor.
2 years ago
A field is 40 acres. Farmer/Landowner chops out a parcel and sells it.
This is the tale of 500' of frontage shared tween corn n bean rotation and a little old lady.
Finally, convinced my mom that a yard is more fun with trees and shrubs than a dirt track for lawnmower, but
the die off of 20 or so lilac suckers (n cpl other things)began the day after the sprayer was there. Beans were already closing canopy, i don't think it was an herbicide.
These lilacs from this same yard are tough as nails but i suppose i should find a more resistance shrub.
Any ideas on what can take on or at least withstand drift-icide?
Not sure how large the deer are down there, but as the numbers and disease rate increases up here the white tails are not much bigger than some goats. I've heard of more problems (broken/dislodged insulators, tangled deer) I'm guessing due to the smaller weaker individuals.
5 years ago
Sure, i figure we're mostly 'good hippies' here, but I'm gonna bet we didn't disown all those who are not. If you would, keep an olfactory open for me would ya?
5 years ago
Sorry, I don't know the new improved name, but my mom has this new downy fabric softener. She has always loved the nastiest smelling chemical perfumes and loooves this new Downy. My partner and I both think it smells like super glue. Of course, the world wide web of lies only tells me how great is works on my weave and how i can make slime outta it. I loathe how everywhere I turn there is a new way to put new toxic gick on my smelly self. Anyone nose anything about this?
5 years ago
Bustr took 6 toal, 1 buck. 3.5-1.5 yrs. +8lb/av. My shot at a guess.

Chris put it in the fridge. Don't know if there is, or was in mine, some kind of emulsifier that didn't allow that to happen.

Does your rabbit lard have such a loose consistency? Or do you go with a fresh hot render for soap without a total cool?
5 years ago
I have heard that if you were to only eat rabbit  you would die from lack of fat.
Cogs turn: not enough fat, not high quality fat etc.
Upon culling does I noticed fat, not tonnes, but enough to make me not want to toss(that means feed to dog n cats or compost with the awful). I believe it's called leaf fat in a hog, but around the kidneys. Lovely pure white.stuff.
I need a high temp oil for my cast iron cookware.
So I threw lil over a gallon of leaf in the slow cooker for five hours. Yield 1.5 pints of semisolid (60F+) lard.

I was not around to watch it render. It had a light boil going on when I got home. Low-temp render = lighter(not Nabisco lite) lard. So I jarred it up. It isn't pure white so maybe too hot maybe because I used a loose tea screen to filter it.
Next time I'll temp it to see if it was water boiling. It doesn't sizzle when I add it to the skillet so I figure it cannot be real high in water. I also use it for cooking when they ask for softened butter. I can't wait to use it for pie crusts this holiday season.
Thoroughly satisfied with the result, will modify for improvement.
5 years ago
Super cute vid
I have a rescue cat (raised in a purse) who loves Cheetos and Mexican food and scared by songbirds. Not a great choice for barncat. We treated him like a cat, stalk'n'pounce play and introducing him to his prey. He is pretty much self fed now.
I have a rescue dog, food and play insecure with people and lover of everything else animal (you should see him play with his Pomeranian buddy and snakes). Not a great choice for guardiandog. We treated him like dog, dom/sub relations, follow the leader etiquette. A fast n nimble mutt (besenji/lab) Chase's away critters and returns on command.

I am a 'rastler with my pets as well, as a matter of training, taking it to the point were they get overwhelmed (humans are #1) and maybe pissy (don't worry PETA). I believe this has helped these "Boys named Sue" to thrive in my environment. I have seen my #10 cat F up some varmints that can easily be fatal and my dog play ragdoll with those species and not be runoff by them playing nasty.

You'll have to search far n wide to find pets better mannered more loving and with the controlled ferocity of metro police.

Play prepares for when 'S' gets real. I've heard of goats having and not having problems with predators. As a laissez faire aspiring farmer I can only prepare the youth for the situations they may face and hope their rearing has given them the toolbox to thrive. I don't desire a petting zoo and this goat exhibiting goatness is good to see encouraged.
5 years ago