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Recent posts by Samantha Buller-Kormos

Was an oat/lentil mix.

Right now just soaked oats. I think I might just get a bag of the pre mixed feed here or there to mix in here or there cause I'm learning now just oats is a bad idea.

Birds are free range. They got access to 10 acres, a bunch of bush, goat & cattle pens.
1 month ago

Mike Haasl wrote:My birds are molting right now which slows the egg production right down.

When do they start molting?
This has been going on since July. :(
1 month ago

John F Dean wrote:I dont have the answer, but I would switch back to what worked.

We switched to this because the other stuff was costing us a fortune.
10/day a bag of feed.

Can't do it financially.
1 month ago
Hey all.

So a few months ago I had the birds on layer feed from Early's farm & garden.

Then we switched to some grains that we soak for 4 days - turning each day. The grains were oats, lentils & some other things.

The guy we got them from had birds that are doing REALLY well on them, but ours went from laying normally to not a single egg 2 days after switching.

It's been 2 months on this feed with no change.

We now have them on soaked oats and they're pumping out a bit more but obviously this won't be super long term since it's not good for them.

Can I get some insight into whats going on here?

I was told it's normal for them to stop laying for a bit, but this isn't normal. Not for this long in summertime.
1 month ago
Are we still allowed to do this?
If so i'd love to join!
2 months ago
Outdoor. Very much outdoor.

There's no fucking way i'd bring this thing indoor.

I choose life.
2 months ago
Thomas -  My dad and aunt are both welders.
So we have welding options. This is a good idea and i will check it.

Gerry - I"m not sure. The ad said he had gotten a plumber to look at it and rather than fixing it they switched to an indoor wood stove. I will absolutely ask and see what he says. He was out in the field when we spoke this morning so would chat later.

2 months ago
Fate has smiled fortune upon us but I need to hear your thoughts.

So my husband found a second hand boiler well within price range.
1200 obo.


It has a cracked water jacket near the chimney.


Should haggle price?

Not bother?


I know very little about boilers at this current time since i'm just learning so i need some input.
2 months ago
I'll check it out. Did it work for you?
2 months ago
I was thinking double barrel to create a rocket stove like effect rather than just a regular stove.

It appears this first like with Geoff might work really well for space & materials we have available.

Checked out the second link but unfortunately can't afford 120 for plan at the moment.

We're working on a very limited budget of 600 dollars and a time span of a month - 2 tops.

I'll check out this link and more info into hydrolic oil. Had no idea you can use it.

Would that still work with a rocket stove boiler set up?
2 months ago