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I am planning to purchase a piece of raw land in Lamoille County Vermont, this summer; I plan to use a composting toilet (new one), and hope to only have to put in a septic system which covers grey water d/c.
Reading the Q&A from a previous Q has been quite helpful (thanks!).
One property I have my eye on, already has a conv septic design in place, so I guess now I just need to talk to the state, to be sure I know what needs to be done to get a permit for the Innovative Alternative (I/A) - fingers crossed that it will save me some $$.
I already have someone reliable and affordable to do all of the site work and installation, so I feel fortunate in that regard......hopefully the state regs won't give me fits :/

I am glad to have any additional info/input regarding this topic

I still have to slog through it, but I've posted below, State of Vermont DEC link and it's contents (C&P'd, though it came out a bit fragmented), showing some helpful info.

Innovative Alternative Approved Systems and Products

Below are several tables of information related to approved systems and products for innovative/alternative wastewater disposal practices.

List of I/A Distributors and Service Providers

Specific Treatment System and Product Approvals for General Use
Approval Number
Approval Expires
Additional Information

2001-01-R9 AdvanTex® AX™ and AX-Max™
textile treatment systems September 28, 2019
Orenco Systems, Inc.

2006-01-02-R3 Aqua-Aire and Aqua-Safe®
aerobic wastewater treatment systems September 28, 2019
Ecological Tanks, Inc.

2003-02-R4 Bioclere™
recirculating fixed film trickling filter treatment systems September 27, 2019
Aquapoint.3, LLC

MicroFAST®, RetroFAST®, HighStrengthFAST®
fixed activated sludge treatment systems
and Lixor® submerged aeration system product
January 20, 2020  Bio-Microbics, Inc.  
2018-01 ClearPod™
Drop-in, retro-fit, aeration and fixed film technology January 7, 2019
Island Water Technologies

2015-03-R1 ECOPOD-N™
aerobic with fixed media treatment systems March 30, 2019
Delta Environmental Products™

peat/mixed media and coco treatment systems
September 10, 2018
Premier Tech Environment

2015-02-R1 FujiClean USA™
contact filtration aerobic wastewater treatment systems March 9, 2019 FujiClean USA™ LLC
2015-01-R1 Hydro-Action®
aerobic wastewater treatment systems February 22, 2019 Hydro-Action Mfg. Inc.
2013-02-R4 Jet™  
aerobic wastewater treatment systems June 30, 2018 Jet Inc.
2005-01-R4 Norweco Singulair®  and Hydro - Kinetic®
suspended growth extended aeration January 25, 2019
Norweco, Inc.

2003-03-R5 Puraflo®
peat fiber biofilter treatment system January 18, 2020

2002-03-R3 SeptiTech®
recirculating trickling filter August 22, 2018
SeptiTech®, a subsidiary of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

2008-02-R3 The Clean Solution™
aerobic wastewater treatment system January 26, 2020
Advanced Onsite Solutions LLC

The Clean Solution VT Manual 2016

Dispersal System Product Approvals for General Use
Approval Number
Approval Expires
Additional Information

2015-05-R1 Mantis™
gravelless pipe distribution systems November 29, 2019
Eljen Corporation

Vermont Design Manual - Eljen

2010-01-R4  ARC and BioDiffuser
gravelless leaching chamber dispersal systems
  August 21, 2018
Infiltrator® Water Technologies, LLC

Vermont Design & Installation Manual - ARC

Leaching Chambers
gravelless leaching chamber dispersal systems
August 21, 2018
Infiltrator® Water Technologies, LLC

Vermont Manual - System Sizing

2004-02-R4 Advanced Enviro-Septic®, Enviro-Septic®, and Simple Septic®
gravelless pipe distribution systems February 23, 2019
Presby Environmental, Inc.

Vermont Design Manual

2014-01-R1 Perc-Rite®
drip distribution units May 31, 2018
American Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Perc Rite Drip Dispersal Design Manual

Product Approvals for Pilot Projects
Approval Number
Approval Expires
Additional Information

2015-04-R1 The NIBBLER®
fixed film pre-treatment systems August 25, 2019 Aqua Test Inc.

Products That Substitute for Traditional Methods

Product Information

Company Website

EZflow® Infiltrator® Water Technologies, LLC
floating outlet distribution box, alternative to a dosing siphon Rissy Plastics, LLC
mechanical distribution alternative to a distribution box Orenco Systems, Inc.
splitter system alternative to distribution box
Zoeller Company

Products Approved for Use as Septic Tanks or Septic Tank Effluent Filters

Product Information
Company Website

STF-110 Series
Bristle brush effluent filters GAG Sim/Tech Inc
Onsite Effluent Filter Bear Onsite, LLC
effluent wastewater screen
Bio-Microbics, Inc.

polyethylene septic tanks
Fralo Plastech Manufacturing LLC

Septic and Pump Tanks, IM-Series and TW-Series
Infiltrator® Water Technologies, LLC

Infiltrator IM & TW Series Septic Tank General Installation Instructions

Septic Tanks Norwesco, Inc.
Low Profile Septic Tanks Norwesco, Inc.
Biotube® FT series and Universal Biotube® PVU series
effluent filters and pump vaults Orenco Systems, Inc.
Fiberglass Septic Tank Orenco Systems, Inc.
Effluent Filters, PL-68, PL-122, PL-525 Polylok, Inc.
Roth MultiTank (RMT) models Roth Global Plastics, Inc.
Effluent Filters, EF-4 and EF-6 Tuf-Tite®, Inc.
Polyethylene Septic Tanks Xactics 2001 International
Zoeller, Inc.

Accepted for Use Without Approval - Letters indicating that a technology is not subject to the rules

Product Information


The Juggler A septic tank pumping truck that removes solids and returns water to septic tank
Miller Septic tank liner

Expired Products - Septic Product Approvals for General Use
Approval Number
Approval Expires
Additional Information

2013-01 GEO-Flow® Pipe
gravelless pipe distribution systems March 7, 2015
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.

Vermont Design Manual  March 2013

2007-01-R1 Cromaglass™
wastewater treatment systems, sequencing batch reactor September 19, 2014 Chromaglass Corporation
2005-02 Enviro-Guard™
combined process, equalized treatment systems September 1, 2009
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc.

2003-01 AIRR
alternating intermittent recirculating reactor treatment systems July 1, 2008
SPEC Industries, Inc.

Expired Products - Specific Product Approvals for Pilot Use
Approval Number
Approval Expires
Additional Information

P-2005-01 Eco-Solutions
advanced wetland treatment systems

March 1, 2011
2 years ago