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About ten years ago I boiled a fox for the chickens. I built a quickie fire ring of bricks and my mother and I watched the fire until the pot boiled. By then we had had enough smoke and bugs, so I put out the fire and we went inside. The next morning I served my chickens Boiled Fox (now cooled) Soup. I took a stick and poked at the fur. The birds realized I was exposing food... they took it from there. The only big surprise for me were the wild grapes that the fox had eaten.

I considered it payback after the foxes had massacred most of my flock the year before. But that is a different, less positive story.

I did enjoy the squirrels under the roof tiles story. I will share all these stories with Mom when I call her tomorrow!
1 week ago
I think you were trying to remember “wonder-under”.

In historical costuming one cannot always get the perfect weight fabric. Lining, inter-lining, and facings all work to make the garment stay together and hold its shape.

Like a lot if things in Life, take your time and make it “right” or to the best of your ability. Then things last and last.

I made costumes for myself (underweight, skinny slip of a girl, “it’s a waste of time to help you because you can’t share your wardrobe”). My kids and other neighborhood kids have worn my costumes for plays and Halloween, even a couple of pirate themed Vacation Bible School sessions. Some of them may eventually be cut apart and made into other things.
1 month ago
Your Monthly-ish caught my attention. I’m here to report I paid via PayPal for 64 books. I am really looking forward to these books!

paul wheaton wrote:Click on the thumbs up for this post if you are willing to pay $256 to get 64 books (+$100 for outside the US)

I think at this low price that the book would make an excellent Christmas gift for my husband’s co-workers and lodge friends. (The breakdown of the per book price helped me make up my mind.)

Also, umm, hi! This is my first post. Long time lurker, finally having a reason to post. I have been learning and sharing lots. Having a physical book in hand to shove under noses will help spread the word here in our corner of Virginia. We only have two acres but my yard needs trees!