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Climate change is real. Climate changes all the time, "change is constant". But not for reason stated by the mainstream media and governments. its one of the "problem,reaction, solution" which is ultimately aimed to control the populace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a18Fi9jQQEQ. Carbon tax is one part of it. But on the sidelines there is a more dangerous agenda that is quietly carried on. "Carbon sequestration". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_sequestration. Imagine if there is little carbon dioxide in the air.. less plants right? This is a ploy to control much of the food supply. Already rigths to water aquifer is being put into the hands of the few who controls the money. And have you heard of bottled air?
1 day ago
Here in our place its considered cure for arthritis but is more popularly known as cure for kidney illnesses. Its the roots though that is use for kidney disease.
2 days ago
The thicker the insulation the more efficient your fridge will be. It's pretty easy to construct and convert a freezer/fridge if you know the trade. If you dont know refrigeration then have someone do this part and you can only do the body works. I use to repair these kind of devices. All of the thermostats have adjusting screws although I am not sure if  all freezer thermostat can be adjusted enough for it to function as fridge. However thermostat here in the Philippines is pretty cheap. The last time I bought it cost me  P350.00. That was 2 or 3 years ago. I no longer do these sort of job. Refrigerant is very toxic. every time I inhale just a bit I feel the effect on my health the following day. So be very careful. You can also salvage thermostat from broken fridge. If adjusting the thermostat dont work try to relocate the sensing bulb of the thermostat at the lowest part. If you do pursue with the conversion I would suggest to add a few more length of condenser coil. Perhaps a fourth of the total length. Your fridge will consume less power and last longer. Nearly all devices on the market implement some sort of " planned obsolescence" a shorter condenser coil adds more stress to the motor.
3 days ago
from what I understand allergy is the action or more precisely mis action of immune system. If this is correct then it would be logical to start from the immune system. Perhaps this is the reason why honey works. Honey is a natural immune booster. So perhaps take other immune system  fixer/booster such as ganoderma mushroom.
3 days ago
The first thing I think in the morning are the things & people that makes me happy. The last thing I think in the evening are the things & people that makes me happy. At times I forget :) but I am working on making it the standard.
1 week ago
also try to avoid batteries. That's where your electricity saving goes. Centrifugal pumps needs certain speed to deliver. thus a set battery. Personally I wont go that route. piston/reciprocating pump will be my choice for solar driven. You wont need a battery for this
1 week ago
DC motors will run at lower voltage than its ratings at lower speeds of course. So it is better to get a reciprocating pump. they will deliver regardless of speed. There are solar pump sets if you can get one you wont have problems with matching. My friend got a 1hp submersible pump set.
1 week ago