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Trying to reduce my Eco footprint without breaking the bank
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I don't think that would be an issue. I've seen plenty of systems that use gravel as a grow base and work fine.
It may be much heavier than the hydrogenated clay pellets, but it still works.
Slate doesn't tend to have pours due to its sedimentary construction, but it does tend to have lots of fissures for the same reason.
But honestly. I personally don't think it would be much fun to work with when planting..
4 days ago
might be a little rough on your hands bedding the plants down into it.!
4 days ago
if anybody ever turns up at my place i'll welcome there help cleaning out the goats, fixing the barn or fencing, and there are always the chicken coups that need clearing
1 month ago
google view those numbers as longitude and latitude and you get a satellite view of my home
1 month ago
Ive noticed quite a few people posting on here asking questions regarding projects and gardening.
a lot of the questions are difficult to give credible answers too because there is no location information
please could people update their profiles. i do not wish you home address or contact info just a general area.

thanks Phil
1 month ago
A question for those that have built there RMH along an outside wall of there building.

Did you put insulation between the RMH and the outside wall, if so what did you use.?
1 month ago
best place to get Bentonite will be from a well drilling suppler. a 50lb bag should cost around $13
2 months ago
This is the left side of the room. Right side is identical but without the door to the outside.
Chris, I was thinking along the lines of raised beds, with a plastic/ rubber barrier layer along the upper back wall and lower along the bottom edge of the inner wall and a permeable mulch barrier along the front wall and lower edge for drainage. I was thinking of keeping the plants in the pots and nesting them in a plywood shelf and then surrounding the pots with gravel .
The light situation from the windows would not be enough, as they are east facing, so only get morning sunlight. The room does have power though and I can install some LED grow lights. I would however like to switch this area over to solar/ wind.

I haven't addressed the heating of this area yet. It is very well insulated. All 4 walls floor and ceiling. Double glazed windowless ond a good door..
i have a room/building that i keep pheasants and peacocks in. its 24' x 24'  14' tall ceiling  concrete floor with drainage out lets. and full insulated, there is i divider in the center of the room to separate the different birds.
each area also has a 3'x 3' window. that will later allow access to an outside run
I would like to create a more natural habitat by adding some plants and grasses and possibly a couple of dwarf fruit trees to the inside of the room.

anybody have ideas on what varieties would work.

regards Phil