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since Mar 31, 2018
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Trying to reduce my Eco footprint without breaking the bank
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It sounds like the first piece of equipment you need is a tractor. Preferably one with a front load bucket and back hoe attachment.
2 weeks ago
Ok,what to do with old feed bags. I get thru 10 -20 per week during the winter months from feeding the goats and chickens.
I would like to find some economical way of storing these apart from stuffing bags within bags.
Apart from the property here in Ohio I also have land in Colorado, where I would like to use these bags to build a sand bag home.
Does any one have any ideas for storage for these.

Thanks Phil
2 weeks ago
i've been looking into using batteries from an electric vehicle. Some of these battery packs can be bought inexpensively from sites such as Ebay relatively  cheaply.
the only problem i'm having is finding out which to use, there is very limited information as to the number of cells, the cell voltage. and the amperage
3 weeks ago
Hickory is my favorite, There almost geometrical in there growth pattern,  and the way they produce the leaves from candle flame like pods is quite unique among trees.
1 month ago
i have geese and chickens, i'm not sure if i have the African or the Chinese, but their big. unfortunately they only produce a verbal warning when there are predators about. they run away as fast as the chickens do.  
1 month ago
Thanks, that's a great link
2 months ago
there is a guy named Joseph Carter, or theminkman on you tube. i would try give him a call out and see if he can help.
2 months ago
I hope in the near future to start setting up my aquaponics system. As this system will be indoors I was wandering if anyone could give advice on LED Grow lights.

Thanks phil
2 months ago
i was thinking about using the heat insulation blanket as the liner but using the Kaowool sleeves as the outer rather than the sheet metal, I know the sleeves have an
inner dia of 9 inch with the 1 inch blanket it should reduce to between 7 - 8 inch ID
the idea is to use the blankets to hold the sleeves together and the sleeves to add rigidity to the blanket.
3 months ago
I don't think that would be an issue. I've seen plenty of systems that use gravel as a grow base and work fine.
It may be much heavier than the hydrogenated clay pellets, but it still works.
Slate doesn't tend to have pours due to its sedimentary construction, but it does tend to have lots of fissures for the same reason.
But honestly. I personally don't think it would be much fun to work with when planting..
3 months ago