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Recent posts by Phil Grady

i used gravel from the local quarry. it drains well. retains some heat for over the night. i put in about 6" but at $20 a ton its pretty affordable.  
6 days ago
most used totes will have an information label on frame plate. if its not there its not safe unless its an unused tote. all the ones i have have food grade products listed on them
1 week ago
i also cut them in half and use them as water troughs for the goats. easy to empty once in a while and give a good clean out.
1 week ago
So i've got to the stage were i have my 2 tank/ponds built. the larger tank feeds tubes along the North wall that will have neti pots in.
i'm not sure though which way to go with the other tank/pond. floating trays or flood beds with bell syphons

what are the pro's and cons of each.

Thanks Phil
1 week ago
we have lemons, I'm really happy to announce or first ever lemons, being in Mid Ohio I'm surprised its doing so well.  
1 week ago

Nancy Reading wrote:It's worrying that people like that exist.  Unfortunately the Police probably don't have an offence to charge them with except maybe erratic driving? Nothing that could make them take their car keys off them and lock them up.  I really don't want to get inside that mind.

Lucky that's not the case here, the local DNR officer will chase up anyone that deliberately harms/kills wild life around here.
2 weeks ago
i wish i could say stuff like that doesn't happen here.
I've seen people aim for turtles crossing the road. if i see the critters I'll stop and get them off into a field.
good idea about the dash cam though.
2 weeks ago
i've not seen the quarter coin variety before, is it a cash crop?
2 weeks ago
first Chilies of the year blooming
2 weeks ago