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Recent posts by Tatyana Piven

R Scott wrote:Do a search for Gabe Brown's cover crop seed mix, he does 14+ different seeds.

Thank you for the lead on the cover crop supplier! He even has phacelia, one of my favorite cover crops. I just placed an order. Hopefully it will arrive soon.
So we just bought 5 acres of clay in southern Ohio. This field has been used for corn and soy, and has been already sprayed with roundup for the season. I want to plant some cover crops now, and I need help figuring out What kind of cover crops are best for this land (see picture below), having in mind we are at the end if May, and whether to plow before planting or just spread seeds on the surface. Any advice is much appreciated!  
Yes, I tried contacting that guy but he seems to be not using this site anymore. I will keep looking. Someone’s gotta have it!
7 months ago
I am looking for Siberian pea shrub seeds, so I figured I’d ask fellow permies before buying online.  I will be happy to buy or trade. My trade list is here:
7 months ago
I am in Ohio near Cincinnati. We have clay soil, grow a lot of soy and corn. Zone 6b.
8 months ago
Short story: just bought 5 acres of farmland (Literally, yesterday), now what?

Long story:
In the past ten years I have converted my backyard into a small farm, chickens and all. Then I expanded to community plots (I have 5 around the city today). So I know a thing or two about no-till gardening, cover cropping, composting, Huggleculture, and vermiculture. However, I never had an experience staring at a 5-acre, round-up sprayed bare land, not knowing where to start. It’s mid-May, raining cats and dogs for the next week. I am thinking about throwing some tillage radish, clover, and buckwheat on this land just to get it through this summer, and then plant garlic in November. But I don’t even know how to do this the smart way. Till, no till? What machinery is there to help me? Buy or rent? Where at? So many questions, makes my head spin. HELP!
8 months ago

Benen Huntley wrote:Definitely will do. Here's the core. Have plenty of blanket to make a 5 minute riser.

Any chance you could share the plans? We just had a tornado take out a transformer in our town. Looks like it’s going to be a long week without power. For now we are surviving on the camping stove, but I don’t know if we will have a continuous supply of propane.
9 months ago
My understanding is lentils grow the same way peas do. Never tried it though. Thank you for the seed source suggestion, I will check them  out.
10 months ago
Does anyone know how many lentil seeds one plant produce? I just tried to germinate hulled red lentils (Bob’s mill brand), and these little suckers sprouted to my surprise! I will try to grow them, but how many plants should I plant per family member? We consume about a cup of dry lentils each week.
10 months ago
My question is how to choose a right handle for this tool.
1 year ago