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since Apr 05, 2018
I'm 28 years old from Des Moines Iowa with a ton of hands-on knowledge. I'm particularly resourceful and good at building things out of nothing. My main skill is in textiles! I regularly make my own clothes and some upholstering projects as well as dabbling in Lapidary/metalurgy and carpentry.
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My extended family and I (Myself and my partner, my sister and her partner and three children as well as my mother) have been co-habitating for some time. Unfortunately, falling on hard times we're being forced to choose whether or not to break up our family or try to find some alternative to renting. Mom's got a good deal of debt, but between us all we've got a lot of generational knowledge. My partner is a skilled graphic artist and we work as a team for web design projects as well as in illustration. My mother and I have years of experience gardening from scratch and in urban areas successfully. I'm also a skilled herbalist with knowledge of holistic and ancient medicine as well as skills in Lapidary/Metallurgy. I'm very skilled with a sewing machine and make my own clothes and curtains/ upholstery etc as well as many administrative/computer/internet skills. We're all very serious about community and hard work, and at least some of us if not all are very interested in joining a permanent community somewhere. Obviously, due to money issues, we're looking for a situation with workshare as an option. I personally am very eager to divest from capitalism altogether in whatever ways possible. We're currently in Des Moines, Iowa and would like somewhere in the midwest but would travel long-distance for the right opportunity!

It's likely that if finances were not such a problem up until now that we would have started our own community by now, so our mindset is definitely in the right place.

I've lurked on this forum for a long time, and have a great deal of passion for the same things many people here do. There are a few sites out there that list communities and their guidelines and I've sifted through them, but would like to know about any other opportunities perhaps flying under the radar.

Thanks in advance for any tips!