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Recent posts by bunkie weir

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:.......
I have another friend who swears by the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy, though I haven't really tried it enough to see results. Except once. For a bee sting. It totally reduced the pain and swelling of the bee sting.

A also use the Bach Flower Remedy Rescue. Just a head's up, it's 29 percent alcohol.
5 years ago
just lost hubs....

5 years ago
I also have had a lot of success sprouting wild rice and brown rice from the bulk bin of a grocery store.
Victor, on the Mountaineer Rye, I had planted 100 seeds the first year (2009) and 75 germinated. I planted in the spring, and come fall, they had huge seed heads with no seed in them. I was told by Tim Peters that he was surprized I got anything at all, planting them in the spring! He said they should be planted in July or August. The next year when the plants reappeared, they produced nice heads again, and were full of seed! Don't give up on them! They grew to about 10 plus feet tall.

I'm readying to harvest ours, tho looks like the grasshoppers have had at it. Working on pics, too, Zach.

Great pics Sam! How exciting about planting Sepp's grain!
9 years ago

Zach Weiss wrote:

Craig Dobbelyu wrote:...Bunkie, great to hear of your success with the Perennial Rye! Do you have any pictures?

Sorry Zachh, I see all my previous pics are down right now. I'll try and find them, and will take some this spring and summer and post.

10 years ago

Zach Weiss wrote:...Keep in mind that I won't have enough to share until WINTER of 2015 but at that point (assuming everything goes well) I would like to make this offer: I will send a small amount of the seed to everyone that I am able to. The thing that I ask in return is that you first send me seed you have saved yourself, from your favorite/most valuable plant. This way I feel good about the odds of the seed that I send out being successfully propagated.

Zach, I'm very interested in trialing some of Zepp's grain. I have heard that Einkorn is very hard to thresh also. I am trialing some of it this year that I got from Bountiful Gardens.

Just an update...this will be our 5th year of growing Tim's Mountaineer Perennial Rye. All the original plants have come back every year so far. The year before last we had a very wet spring and the Ergot was terribly bad and I saved very little seed. Last year the Ergot was much less and a drier spring. I have saved seed from each year, but still have not tried it in baking. Last year the weeds got very thick in the row, but didn't seem to bother the rye plants at all. Also, we had one winter amazingly with very little snow (usual is 7 plus feet, -20F), and it didn't bother the plants at all. I believe 7 years is the most anyone has grown these....
10 years ago

George Lee wrote:

I interplant japanese buckwheat with my blueberry bushes to keep a population of beneficial insects around...
There are times I see hoppers or caterpillars on my young blueberry plants, the ones with ripe light green growth...
If I can keep insectiary wasps around, they'll often sting the perpetrators...
Not only that, but buckwheat is one of the best phosphorous accumulators out there and fruit bearers need it especially.
Cheers -

George, what is the difference between Buckwheat and Japanese Buckwheat?
11 years ago
welcome to the forum darrell. fascinating topic!
11 years ago

Nathan Funke wrote:Does anyone new of a good supplier for a small amounts? I don't know how well it would grow in my area, but i'd like to try planting some. (preferably the rounded leaf verity, less likelyhood of it being mistaken for other similar looking illegal plant varieties. )

i purchased seeds here at Bountiful Gardens...it grew well here in eastern Washington, but i started seeds in the greenhouse early and transplanted.

11 years ago