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I like making goals too. It helps me focus

1. Learn how to use Permies website, reply, account, navigate, etc. Finally learned how to register for an account so now I can reply.  Little steps.
2. Make new permaculture diagram for my back yard area.
3. Design, build axillary garden structures...drying rack, cold frame or green house, get electric fence.
4. Complete chicken tractor
5. Accomplish paint removal on one more side of house. (Hopefully paint it too, but it's a huge job so I'm trying to be realistic.

BTW. I ordered a brick of Permaculture Playing Cards and they did arrive in time for Christmas. Love them but do wish the body copy lettering was larger since i'm at the retirement end of the spectrum. Still fun to give away and many of my friends already have reading helpers. A great way to start a discussion about permaculture.

9 months ago