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We are Ewa and Seb, certified permaculture designers and educators. We live and love the permaculture on our 35 acres/13ha life time project in the beautiful subtropical coastal area in QLD Australia. You will find here all about the food forests we created, how we grow food and the dishes we cook with simple ingredients along with some tips, tricks and DIY around the house and garden. We also grow guinea fowls, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for the meat and eggs and manure in the gardens.
Pacific Haven QLD Australia
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Hi, We have a small permaculture hobby farm with lots of projects running. If you are interested in making some hands on experience and want to help us, please check our profile at holiday4hand and contact us any time. Thank you, Ewa & Seb
1 year ago
Thanks for the info! Just ordered some seeds with the hope they will grow in our subtropical climate :)
1 year ago
We are Certified Permaculture Designers and live on our small hobby farm on 35 acres / 13 ha property. We always have plenty of projects and could need your help nearly all year round. We could need help in our food forest food forest and with our birds but also some small jobs around the house. You can also learn about permaculture while helping us. The studio with your own bathroom where you stay in is about 50meters from the main house. We can pick you up from the train station in Howard but you need a car if you want to come around. We have some beautiful places around here. We are just 5 car-minutes away from the town where you can get all essentials you need, 15 minutes drive from a beautiful nearly always empty beach and about 30 minutes from Hervey Bay where you can get everything you need including entertainment and local markets few times in a week. The Fraser Island is just around the corner. Please find more details on our Permaculture Haven Website Looking forward to hear from you soon! Cheers! Ewa & Seb
1 year ago
Date: 2nd June 2019
Time: 10am-3pm
Where: Howard QLD 4659 Australia
What to bring: good spirit! You might also also like to bring pen and notebook and cloths you don’t mind to get dirty
Tutor: Ewa Bekiesch – Certified Permaculture Designer and Educator. Ewa has also the Food As Medicine Certificate
Grow your own food forest! Even on a smallest place!

We start with the food forest tour where you can find over one hundred different types of growing edibles. I will show and explain some easy ways how to grow food naturally and how to use the potential of the nature’s cycle in the garden. We will also take a sneak peak at the chickens food forests which have been built especially for them. You will then get the opportunity to do some hands on permaculture work, depends on the time of the year, like harvesting and preserving food, seeding, propagating and planting new edibles, pruning trees and more. You can also take with you some of the seeds or cuttings to start your own food forest! We will end this day with a nice light meal we prepare together from the fresh harvested edibles and drink our grown with love Permaculture Haven tea!

Who is this for: Everyone who wants to grow and eat healthy food all year round!
Please contact me by any questions :)
1 year ago