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Recent posts by Darren Roberts

Water Harvesting, Earthship Principles presentation #5....it's getting there....

2 weeks ago
Part 3 done.
4, 5 & 6 to come.

Added video versions also to -

4 weeks ago
Another part of the Earthship presentation delivered this evening at the 4 Person Eco Home, so Part 2 is now available.

I've released it under a under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

So it's freely available to the community as long as it's not used for commercial purposes.  

I think.  Something like that

Will update after the next Staff & Volunteers meeting in a couple of weeks, should have 3 - Sewage Treatment, available after that.
1 month ago
Edited - embedding Google Slides presentation did not verky.....
1 month ago
Thanks Trace.

I wasn't sure if it would work at all.

That room is very open at the moment, maybe convection would be running okay.

Perhaps ducting would be more beneficial if / when partition walls are in place.

And maybe with a small fan.
1 month ago
Anyone ever tried a thermosyphon type of thing with the hot air from e.g. the glazed frontage of an earthship or glazed passive solar thing?

I'm looking at Solar Chimneys etc at the moment, and wondering if this would work.

Ducting roughly man-handled into place on this drawing!

Downpipe at rear of room could be in cob or something I guess.....and ducting could be hidden / insulated...?
1 month ago
Hello all -

I'm giving a short presentation Sunday, covering Principle 1 - Thermal / Solar Heating & Cooling.

I think I've got it mostly covered, but would appreciate any pointers if I've missed anything....

If the presentation is at all useful to anyone, you're all more than welcome to use it also (maybe once I fill up Principles 2 to 6 as well .....and it might be available in very, very broken Chinese too.....

(* 'Target audience' is Staff & Volunteers working on the '4 Person Eco Home' at the 2018 Taichung Expo, here in Taiwan.)

Earthships, 6 Principles Presentation
1 month ago