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Recent posts by dalo franss

Cool Dan,

i learn something now.
I thought the stem would start rotting when you water them.

1 month ago
I would not bury the stem up to the green leaves,
the stem was where originaly it had green leaves too, so it' s a stem not a root.

personally, i would not cut off the stem and let it create new roots,
but plant it in a bigger pot, and maybe support it so it stands up a bit more straight.
i think it would set the plant back, and make it grow slower.

it seems to me the pot was too shallow,  but i am myself still in the proces of figuring that out with an aloe i care for.
the oposite leaves remind me of too little light and the laying down of the plant too.
i am experimenting now with having a plant outside with more light
that's only since i have that oportunity now, before i had to work with the little light i had in my house.

Good luck!
1 month ago
Not sure about using a tarp,
would it let water seep through?

maybe there is a way to create a sort of grill / grid which is a bit off the ground
palets won't work i think, since the nuts would fall through and the planks are too wide...

but it would help dry the leaves and nuts so you can easily sort them and use the dry(er) nuts.

just some quick 2cents
1 month ago
Thanks for the answers!

I chose not to use the brambles for the bottom layer. And wont use the brambles for cover material just yet.
Mixing the brambles seems best indeed.
Maybe i can do a little test by creating an extra compost heap (non-humanure) and see what happens with
those brambles.

It is very woody, but i think, they might soak up some moisture when a bit wet...

Then there is the question of how to add the brambles too. Chop them up to 10" or smaller?
Long branches are difficult to work with and i do not have a chopping device...

Experimentation will tell.

2 months ago
Hi permies,

So, i am currently in the (rather slow and long) process of creating a humanure compost pile/bin/thingy as desccribed by Joe Jenkins in his Humanure Handbook.
I have a question though about the compost pile.

We have many brambles (blackberries?) of which we need to cut back a fair amount (fire hazzard near house etc).
So i was wondering if we can use those cuttings/clippings as the base and/or cover material for the humanure compost pile.

The Humanure Handbook describes digging a shallow hole and put a thick (2feetish) layer of cover material to act as a sponge for excess moisture.
when adding the toilet bins to the compost one would rake away the cover material, empty the bucket and re-cover also using fresh cover material.

So, can we use those brambles we cut back, which are rather woody and hard?
If so, do we need to add softer material like straw or hay together with those brambles?

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks also to Joe Jenkins for such a great and instructive book!
I shall promote it every oportunity i get

2 months ago
This warms my heart!

Thanks Eric And Barbara !

And also Thanks Paul!

you are all doing an amazing job!
3 months ago
Another LBRY.tv Post, promoting the "Building a Better World in your Backyard" book.

LBRY.tv - @PaulWheaton-student - Building a Better World in your Backyard

If you want to share this post, use following link:

Hopefully this thread gets picked up, so the lbry.tv technology can be discovered and maybe in the long run, Paul or whoever (i can help), can set up the automatic sync functionality
so all youtube video's are instantly posted on LBRY.tv.
Considering it's still early days for the LBRY platform, Paul and Permies can become the top in #Permaculture, spreading its message to many...

Now... building a better world in my backyard...
5 months ago
To test out the LBRY.tv  platform i have created a channel called PaulWheaton-student,

This is where i currently am trying out the reposting of some affiliate links
and shall use this channel to comment on other posts to generate traffic...

LBRY links:
  •  The PaulWheaton-student channel on LBRY.tv
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  • 6 months ago