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Want to get real experience on an off grid property? Flying Armadillo Farms is looking for 6-8 people who are ready for an intensive 3 month learning project this summer. During these 12 weeks you will learn off grid basics, forest management, wood milling, stick building (cob, straw bale and/or log building may be taught depending on workshop leaders available) wild herb and mushroom harvesting and much more in a fun and energetic hands on environment. The program will be held on our 40 acres in Southern Oregon. The workshops will be taught by experienced men and women in each field from the local area. The program will run from April until July (most beautiful time in this region). Each week we will be teaching a workshop followed by a hands on project of that topic.

**This is a free program in the sense you will not pay us to learn. You will be required to work a certain amount of hours each day we are working and required to attend the workshops. This is not a vacation **

** but we need you to create our vision, we know we cannot do this alone we want to share what we have learned and hope you will leave with much knowledge, a sense of accomplishment and many life long friendships**

We will start by preparing the section of land that you will live on, a communal area to relax and get creative. We will provide one meal a day (either lunch or dinner) for you. We will provide rides for weekly trips to town to get supplies and bi weekly outings to the local area. The workshops we will offer will provide you with much needed knowledge for your future adventures in the wilderness and in your endeavors to off grid living. Upon completion of the program you will be given permission to return to the property for get aways from 1-3 weeks a year.

The big picture:
We are creating a place people can come to get a taste of off grid living, get away from the bustle of life or learn to be closer with nature. We will have small cabins for people to stay, a large garden to eat from and live stock for fresh food for guests. This will be a park and walk experience where you leave it all at the gate and open yourself up to the wonders of mother nature. Composting toilets, bath house, cellar, cold smoker, greenhouses, sauna, just to paint a picture.

Our biggest projects this year are:
1.A large communal kitchen building capable of large canning, processing and drying of summers bounty. We will be creating the heart that will beat the lifeblood through this property for years to come.
2.A trail system throughout the 40 acres for people to hike and reach the nestled cabins that will come later.
3. Brush clearing. This land was wiped clean by a logging company 13 years ago and we are, by hand, cutting, burning and choosing the strongest plant life to leave that will best benefit the natural cycle here.

The smaller projects are biochar making, compost piles, garden soil building, wood milling, and spring garden preparation.

We want to share with you the beginning stages of raw land into a working food forest, utilizing what this area has to offer.
I know this was a long post.
Please pm me if interested and I will forward my email address and other requirements to be considered for this program.
2 months ago
Looking for 2 to 3 like minded people to help us develop our off grid paradise. We are located in Southern Oregon. We are near a large lake, hot springs, mountains, redwoods and a few hours from pacific ocean. We are meat eaters and would like to eventually raise animals for food once we have a pasture and barn.  We have a well established veggie garden and are planting fruit and nut trees. We have a composting toilet and cook outside but are working on milling wood to build our kitchen building. We do not have shower facilities but live close to a park that is open year round where we shower. We run a small generator in the evenings to charge phones and laptops etc. We have a propane fridge and stoves. We are looking for someone who is willing to rough it out here with us. Must have a vehicle and a savings to be able to take care of yourself until you get established. Work is easy to find if you are hardworking and reliable. Must be self suficient both physically and mentally.
We have had many experiences with people trying to live with us and not many of them understood fully how remote and raw this land is or fully understood the work it takes just to mearly survive much less flourish im this lifestyle.
Must be ready to live in a small camper (that we have) or have funds to build your own tiny home before winter comes.
No dogs, i know this is a hard one. We love dogs but have 3 of our own who are very protective of their home towards other dogs.
Please reach out if this sounds like something you are interested in and we can talk.
Must be willing to do background checks and have face to face interviews.
8 months ago