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I am twenty-two years old and hopefully a writer, who has a growing love for homesteading/prepping. I would like to start building a potential community of like-minded people. You don't have to have experience as it could be a learning experience for us but anyone who does have experience is more than welcome to join. This is not something that would happen right away due to my current living conditions and providing care for a disabled father. Truthfully, I don't believe he will last more than a few years due to medical issue's that keep piling on.

Where this community would be located will be discussed by those involved but will not be outside of the united states so no Canada. Although Alaska is part of the U.S it also will not be an option. I have never left the place where I was born for any reason and am able to handle the heat due to living in Arizona where it gets into the 110 degrees Farenheight. Unfortunately, due to this heat I cannot handle the cold all that well, but am willing to live where it snows if necessary. The land bought would definitely have a water source and how would we buy it there are three ways I'm thinking of for affording to build this community they are; crowdfunding, saving money from all those participating or having a member who already owns the land.

Now for what would be on the land, a communal area that for the first year acts as a living place for the members before they have their houses made. This building after the members have their homes would be used for a meeting place (Other uses of the building would be decided by the group). It will have a garden that acts as emergency food for those who were unsuccessful in growing that year. Any leftovers could be sold for a profit to help the community grow and pay off any taxes. Chickens and rabbits are good for protein to have for the first year. Eggs could be sold. My tiny house would be in this area as well due to wanting to have a room on the back that can act as a library/study for those who would need it. The communal area hopefully will have an internet connection so that the community can have access to it.

So, you've heard me mention that the members would have housing that they can live in well that would have to be handled by them but no doubt the other members will be willing to help. All members will have a portion of the land available to use and live on that after a few years will transfer to them as their personal land (This may change if the land is already owned by a member that is letting the community stay on it.).

The name of the community will be decided by the members.

After a while, I'm thinking that the communal area could be used as a school to teach people how to live on a homestead. We could build a few tiny houses and people could rent them while learning and the money would go into the community. They could become future members of the community.

As I mentioned before this is not something that could happen right away, instead the time should be spent further developing the idea and honing skills that would be of use to the group. Recently, I've been looking into how to build houses so that I can build my tiny house and understand how to build other things that we will need. For the last two and a half years I have been learning to grow my own food as well.
4 years ago