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Raw mineral jewelry business owner, learning about and applying permaculture principals on a rented little piece of earth.
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I second making stock with onions (and carrot ends:celery butts etc)

With the citrus rinds I soak in vinegar...adding to a jar until it’s full and leaving for a couple weeks. Makes a mean cleaner.
1 year ago
I had the same problem on my property last year...except w poison ivy instead of English.

We sheet mulched the plot we wanted to use after my third poison ivy outbreak.

Luckily the only thing that grew through the sheet mulch last year was a little wisteria and some blackberry weaklings, unfortunatly now I have more woodchips than places to plant. Working on learning about lasagna gardening to potentially make more and richer soil on top of the chips.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution. But I feel your pain.
Thank you TJ.

That thread is very informative, and I appreciate it!

I figured I could start with doing something I’m good at (turning rocks into jewelry, and sitting behind a computer) and see if anyone appreciated/wanted to trade for something they are good at.  

Although my thumb is very green and I do love dirty disctractions from my work :)

We do! have a gardening club. Thanks for the reminder! Though I’m a bit of a hermit. I also found a seed exchange which I peeked at today (it was so sad and picked over that I’m making mini packages of all my leftover seeds to stock them up a bit, practically as I type...and I was also going to draft a letter to heritage seed companies and try and get donations from them for the exchange) It was so exciting to see love had been put into the project, but like many things it seems people have taken without giving back.

Much of what came up this year had self seeded from my porch garden from last year (burlap sack pots) and it was funny to see tomato’s that were descendants of the fruit planted last year. What a trip!  Genealogy is so fun.  

2 years ago

Amit Enventres wrote:Gorgeous! I am in zone 5-6. I save seeds that work well here, where it is pretty moist and humid during summer and very freezy during winter.  What are you looking for? Does my environment sound similar enough to yours? My best seed is a waltham butternut squash. I also have a nearly wild tomato that is beginning to need no planting or care.  I also have a beefsteak, little grape-type, and roma, all open pollinated that I save.  I have a few yard long beans and a few generic beans. I should have amaranth, quinoa, and dry corn coming in soon,  also have sorghum, some cold tolerant lettuce, and corn salad. I do also have pin oak and white oak dropping seed now.


Yes!  I’d love to trade you all/any of these things.

I’m going to moosage you!
2 years ago
We used locust logs on end and raw edge pine boards our arborist buddy cut for us.  I also have one lined w rocks from the land.
2 years ago

I’m a maker of electroformed raw mineral jewelry. I have been slowly making a lovely little garden in an abandoned stone foundation next to my rental home on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

I do not know if I can post my website in here, but if I can it’s

Alternately if that gets deleted or is a no no it’s in my profile, I do believe.

I’d love to trade with some of you for seeds/plants/cuttings.  I prefer edibles but am open to anything there is an abundance of if someone has interest in my gems. I will try to post a couple pictures of my little secret garden and my two (so far!) hugelmound inspired little landbumps.

Looking forward to hearing from someone. I have read many a thread here and hope one day to be expert enough in some of these princibles to share my knowledge, but for now will continue devouring yours.


2 years ago