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I remember when I was a kid, I helped my father build a pole constructed a 12×24 run in shed.  To make sure it started off square, we made battre boards, then measured corner to corner of the string lines to make square.  At age 12, I thought it amazing.

5 days ago
Interesting fact:  after leaving the cocoon,  luna moths only live in this life stage for one week.   They also do not have a mouth, so they don't eat. Their sole purpose is to reproduce.
1 week ago

Xisca Nicolas wrote:

John Suavecito wrote: Many people become angry when someone suggests a practice that is not yet proven beyond a reasonable doubt to benefit. It's free and it makes me feel good.  I don't see a problem with it.  

John S


It makes one feel good, and that is all the proof that is needed.

We are told from birth, who and what we are.  By our parents, families, friends and strangers.   We hold dearly onto these beliefs, our egos are shaped. When we come in contact  with a new or opposing belief, we rally against it, get angry, or lightly poke fun at it.  This keeps our egoic sense of "self" strong. This is who I am. They are wrong, I am right.

Who am I?

How else would we know we are right if we couldn't blame someone else for being wrong?  What if there was no wrong, no night to the day, no silence between sound?  It is these intervals that create the vibrations that we speak of.

The yang must have the yin to be whole.  When we step outside of this game, we see it for just that...a game.  The realization of wholeness,  everything is connected,  soon follows.  This is the connection to "the field", god, nirvana, or whatever you choose to label it.  Yes, it truly is rainbows, skittles, and unicorn farts.  

Descartes got it backwards,  but that's just the ego talking...

1 month ago
Chris, check out Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Joe Dispenza.  Lots of interesting books on science and spirituality.  Tons of youtube videos too.
1 month ago

Chris Kott wrote:Ed, I would consider that kind of assessment reasoning by analogy, especially when we can look at the biochemical reactions in the brain to differing light levels and differing effects on the body from different parts of the light spectrum. I would say that, for the most part, there is reason behind the ancient way of seeing things, but that the phenomenon was described the way it was because there was no mental currency for that kind of information exchange.


Science is a wonderful thing!  It shows us the "nuts and bolts" of things.  Ancient people didn't possess this knowledge, but I believe in their time, they didnt feel the need. They had something far greater. They had wisdom.

Knowledge gave us the ability to split an atom, but look what we did with it. Not wise.

The world today, is seriously lacking in wisdom.  Knowledge is only a part of wisdom and will only give one a piece of the equation.  It takes experience and right action, along with knowledge to begin to understand wisdom, and even then, we realize that we don't know shit or beens about how things work.

Quantum physics or "spooky science", as Einstein called it over 100 years ago, is becoming more acceptable today, especially in the last 40 years.  I see it as a science that is beginning to shed light on spirituality, but there is much more to be understood.  And there is much that we will never understand.  That is where wisdom is.

This may sound hocus pocus to many, but without magic, we wouldn't have science.  
1 month ago
It is because of communication, not by words, concepts or ideas.  It is through the heart.  Many cultures knew this truth, a good example would be Native Americans. They called it shante ishta, the single eye of the heart.  We don't have a word for it today.  We have lost touch with it, and suffer the consequences with all the ills of world today.  

The Native Americans spoke to the birds, trees, wind and water, not with social constructs, but with the heart.  Mere words cannot even begin to describe this.

It is a misconception to believe that we "came into" this world.  It invokes a feeling of separatism with our whole environment...and anxiety will surely follow.  This is the root problem, and the earth, our home, is suffering the consequences of it today.  Our skin is not a barrier, but a receptor to our environment, which is part of us.  We grew out of this world.

As a young man, I too was very introverted, shy.   As I have grown older, realizing this truth, as I stated above, helped me overcome my fears of others.  We all see the world through the same lense, and it is our thoughts and beliefs that distort it.  

When we head into nature, those subtle feelings we get of peace and happiness is our natural environment speaking to us.  We have to learn to speak back, through the heart.
1 month ago

In my youger days, I rented an old farmhouse on 160 acres.  Unfortunately the house was situated on the edge of the property,  next to a development of prefabs on half acre lots.  The family closest to me seemed to mow their lawn every other day.  Used to drive me bonkers, between  constant mowing and each family member having personal 4 wheeler with a dirt track in their front yard.  I remember him mowing through a drought,  looked like a dustbowl.

Then, I learned to change my perspective about them, and it never bothered me again.  So much so, that I didn't feel even the need to try to change his lifestyle. He just didn't know,  and it was much easier to change my mind instead of his.
2 months ago