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Recent posts by Alexander Rijkee

Both mp3 and m4a/b would work for me, i use an audiobook app that handles most things.

I'll probably convert to mp3 for backup regardless.

It is rediculously easy to convert 35 separate mp3 files into one big one (if the names are ascii sortable) the reverse  is not so simple, so no need to have the big mp3 option...
Thank you for this very informative video!

I have some questions about the design, Is this the right tread for that? Of do you want to keep this confined to the DVD about the design instead of the design itself? If so please direct me to a more appropriate tread...

The build of the oven is very elegant. I love the way you use the treads in one of the inlets to mount the latch. What I was confused by is the way the outer barrel is cut. The lengthwise cut is placed at the top and then requires quite some fiddling to fix and make gas-tight-ish again. Why not do that at the bottom where you have to fiddle around to make the entrance for the heat riser anyway. presumably the hottest gasses got to the top where you want the outer barrel to be as sturdy as possible. Any reason I am overlooking for this choice?

While the oven is a thing of beauty is also looks absolutely massive. How would this design cope with downsizing to 2 30 gallon barrels? How much smaller would the J tube have to be to not overheat it?

Kind regards,


5 years ago