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Thanks Paul.
Would arriving on August 30 be okay? I think that would work better for my schedule if it okay with you all.
9 months ago
Sounds great!

I would be happy to assist in whatever ways I can, just for the sake of what you all are doing and for what I've learned from you already. I did not know about the affiliate programs, so I'm excited about that too as that is what I mostly do with in marketing.

I'll coordinate my schedule and plan on at least the week of August 5th if that's available, and go ahead and pay the $100.

I would be flying in (it would be a 29 hour drive instead) so I would need to work out transportation from airport with you. Any other costs or recommended supplies I would need to consider?
9 months ago
Do you currently have openings?

I won't be able to do boot in long intervals, but I would like to do them when I'm able to. Not sure if you have something like that, or if you just require the $100 fee for each time I would return when openings are available, which I would be fine with. Didn't see any information on that sort of boot schedule, but I may have missed it.

Also wouldn't mind helping with Business Admin stuff and marketing (what I actually do for work). On your recent podcast I heard the "if you had a million dollars you'd get an MBA," so I would love to help with what I can and what you would be comfortable working together on.

Love the content guys! I'm actually planning on building a Rocket Mass heater for my parents to replace their wood burning stove for this coming winter. :)
10 months ago