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Ponied up the funds! Can't wait but will most likely need to catch the replay video of it all due to work obligations.  Still love the idea of doing this virtual for all of us that can't make the trip.
5 months ago
I have been collecting leaves every fall with a leaf vac that chops them up some (helps break them down and all keep them from blowing) and then putting a solid layer of them on the in-ground annual beds (for bugs and microbes) and all around the perennial plant roots or in the perennial plant pots to help insure they survive the winter.  But just recently I tried to leave the leaves on the in-ground beds, all around some of my earlier spring veggies like cabbages and kales, and lost every single seedling to slugs (I've figured out its the baby slugs) which are living in the leaves. Any one else have this issue before? I was intending to use the leaves as a mulch the entire season (i.e. retain water, slowly breakdown, suppress weeds, etc.) but now I'm rethinking that as I don't want to keep losing seedlings. Lesson learned though!
1 year ago