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Marissa Hoard

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since Sep 07, 2018
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Recent posts by Marissa Hoard

Let's just cut right to the chase and start a conversation as though we're old friends.

She's a little bit chunky but a whole lot funky.
Considered odd, weird and funny.  Looking for the same.
My interests- Gardening, self sufficiency, permaculture, metaphysics, philosophy, photography, building things with my hands, cooking, traveling, antiquing, learning new skills, hiking, alternative music

Things I hate- Trump, small talk and avocados.

Lived in and renovated an old travel trailer while diving into community homesteading for a year and a half.
Before that, I quit my full time job in order to pursue my photography business because I was tired of the rat race... I am not looking for your typical American Dream
I want to spend as little, without skimping on certain modern luxuries.  

I am at a weird place in life right now, and covid certainly isn't helping anything. I'm not sure where I am going, but am figuring things out as I go.  I am a photographer for a landscape company now so I can save up for my own homestead

I dont want to put too much out there, so we wouldnt have anything to talk about.   So message me at the email below if you'd want to get to know one another

Looking for friends first- ultimately long term.
Good conversation and natural charisma is key.

I'm more than this list. But this is just the jist.
I feel as if I may be a little late here.   But is this still available?
3 years ago
Hey there, Jessica!  

I have similar wants and views as you do!  

Just letting you know, there are options out there, where this already exists!

I am apart of an intentional community here in West Michigan.  

Feel free to take a look at the property here

There are however other places out there that you can filter by community type, and state, if michigan isnt necessarily your thang
3 years ago