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hey Jen!

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I don't get on the computer too often. I have already found a place to garden, which is too bad because your idea sounds really nice! I found a yard that I'm going to convert into garden space, 36' x 36' plus another little spot too. I'm not an incredibly experienced gardener, but I've been doing it for a few years now and have been doing TONS of research about gardening in the last two years. So I might have some knowledge that you don't, and I'd always be willing to come by and help out, I love making connections with other gardeners and I like to do digging and other random garden work (for my muscles!). Maybe we could work it out so we trade some crops at some point? I know I'll be growing lentils, which are great for winter storing/eating, and I should have some extra to trade in fall... but I know that I probably won't be growing too many tomatoes or peppers...

Just ideas. Let me know what you think!

9 years ago
First of all, I'm looking for 5-10+ acres to buy in the Missoula area. I will use it primarily for subsistence farming and building an off grid permanent home for my family. I would like a plot within 30 miles of Missoula with varied terrain or south-facing slope, access to water, and no covenants. Is there anyone out there that wants to sell or knows of any available land? I've been looking through traditional methods but haven't found anything great yet so thought I would put this out here.

I'm also looking for a place to garden this summer. I have done a plot in the community gardens with Garden City Harvest (and I think it's a really great organization!), but I'm interested in growing a larger percentage of my food this year and the plots aren't big enough for my needs. If there's anyone out there who would be interested in a mutually-beneficial partnership? You own the land, I'll do the work, we both get veggies? All of my gardening practices are considered organic and sustainable in every detail. I'd also be willing to pay a certain amount to rent a good garden space, but be reasonable as I'm trying to be very frugal!

Please let me know if you are interested or if you know of any resources that might be helpful to my endeavors. Thank you!!
9 years ago
Can anybody show up? If so, I'll be there with snacks...
9 years ago
I went no 'poo about a year ago.  I used baking soda for a while with no ACV (only washing once a week or so I didn't need it).  I tried Dr. Bronner's and found the same thing that many other people are saying... it really dried my hair out and made my curly hair super frizzy.

At some point, I decided I no longer wanted to use baking soda and I wanted to find something more soothing and with other properties.  I found out about soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) and realized it grows all over the place, and isn't difficult to make a simple "soap" out of it.  Here is the recipe I use:

2 cups distilled water
1 1/2 tablespoons dried soapwort root (chopped)
2 teaspoons Lemon Verbena or 2 teaspoons Catnip (optional)
(the Lemon verbena is used for citrus fragrance and/or catnip is thought promote healthy growth.)

Soak the soapwort (and optional herbs) overnight in the water.  Then bring to a boil and immediately lower heat to a low simmer.  Simmer for 20 or so minutes and remove from heat.  Let cool, then strain.  Use the liquid to wash hair & skin. 

I've experimented with all sorts of other fragrances and herbs... lemon lavender sage is my favorite.

There is another thread with more information on soapwort:  https://permies.com/bb/index.php?topic=2173.0. ; I was suprised no one else mentioned it on this thread.
10 years ago
My family and I are looking for land in western Montana.  We would like to create a home where we can eventually produce all our own food (and everything else).

I'm currently interning on a farm that's less than an acre, and it seems like it's enough to support one family.  I know soil quality, light, and climate all affect the amount of land needed to produce food, but are there other factors that I should look out for?  And how much land do you think we might need?  Any opinions are helpful.

Here are some of the components that I imagine our homestead would have:

Able to support a maximum of 15 people.
Up to 5 households.  Each would inhabit a small cob house, or something similar
A "community center" with a larger capacity kitchen for family meals
Produce all of our own food
- herbs & vegetables (emphasis on native varieties)
- berries and fruit trees
- chickens, geese, turkeys for eggs
- grains
- goats milk for cheese, milk, yogurt, kefir, other dairy products
- indoor fish farming (tilapia?) with greywater cleansing system?
- lanterns, torches, sconces, candles for light
- wood stove, stone oven, solar ovens, rocket mass heater?
- small windmill and/or watermill

Thanks in advance!
10 years ago
I heard a while ago that Bayern has actually begun reusing and recycling their own bottles, so I looked it up and it's true!  Here's their "Special Recycling Edition" newsletter: http://www.bayernbrewery.com/bayern_brewsletter02_10.pdf

I agree, moving towards reusing rather than recycling is the best possible way to conserve resources.  Also, considering the cost of infrastructure for a glass recycling facility it might be more likely to get businesses/local gov to be interested in reusing because, well, it'd be cheap.

SO, growlers for local beer are great, wonderful!  Let's keep encouraging people to use those and to return their bottles to Bayern.  But there are obviously many other products that are packaged in glass, like the individual soda, juice, etc you can buy at the grocery store.  What I'm wondering is how we can reuse the glass that we can't prevent people from buying.  I remember a couple years ago Missoula Federal Credit Union used crushed glass in their parking lot?  Maybe we could convince local or state gov to try to find uses for it in their construction projects like MFCU did?  Or have a storage facility where construction companies could buy it at super-cheap prices?  Just brainstorming ideas.
10 years ago
Hi all!  I’m an environmental studies and art history student in Missoula, MT and I come here mainly to learn from you all, but I hope to also share some of my crazy ideas that might actually work.

Permaculture-y goals for the near future:

Relocate!  My lease is up in July, and I'm already looking for the perfect place to rent!  Ideal: a tiny house or apartment with a garden that I can make improvements to (raised beds, playing with watering techniques, etc).

I’m saving for a small plot of land where I can build a tree or cob house, whichever the land allows.  It’ll be built out of completely found and re-used materials (it doesn’t have to be fancy! Just has to keep the cold out).

Eventually want to produce most (or all) of my own food, along with raise sheep and/or other natural-fiber producing animals.  My plan is to support myself monetarily (what little money I will need) with knitting and art.

and, as always... live simply!

Random stuff about myself:  i love wildflowers, knitting, found objects, touching furry leaves and climbing trees, sharing, live music, inventing a flying bike (seriously) and hovercrafts, shoe-making or I guess mostly re-making, simplifying, mud, culture and of course permaculture!

So, I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!  Cheers!

11 years ago