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Evangeline Ross

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since Sep 12, 2018
Just being me in the moment. Traveling light and enjoying the path.
I'm as outdoor as it gets, true to the bone...crazy into nature.
I'm just about into anything, always exploring.

I've lived overseas and traveled a majority of my life.
I grew up with bushman and have a lot of experience living incredibly simple and I will be very excited once I can live with nature away from it all.

Looking for that inner survivalist to share solitude with.
I've lived in Canada the last 20 years but I am a US Citizen with Canadian permanent residence.
I am willing to relocate if compatibility is there.

I have many skills I can contribute, help invest in survival necessities and provide companionship on important levels.

Soon I will be settling into my backwoods lifestyle
(self sufficient living goals).
Canada - Ontario
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BTW I live in Canada but I was born in the US so I have dual status.  
And you created a great place for yourself.  It's absolutely amazing.

Hi Ed,
I just came across your post.  I have always wanted to live in Alaska when I was young.  I am as outdoor as it gets and just want to get away from it all
and find a mate to do this with.  I would love to get to know you better to see if we have common interests.  I am athletic, healthy and travel very light.
I do have lots of skills for backwoods lifestyle.  I have been working hard these last few years so I can finally live off the grid.  
I do have photos I can send if you are still interested in getting to know someone a little far from you.