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Dan Boone wrote:So, as tempted as I am to reuse plastic items, I now think very very carefully about the end-of-life for the repurposed item, and how it will fail, and how likely it is that I will be able to catch it when it fails and see to its final disposal somewhere other than in my soil strata.

This is definitely one of those things I think about; I gotta put my foot down somewhere and stop the consumption, so I don't have to deal with the mess afterward.

CDs/DVDs and even bars of soap with that lousy heat-shrunk film, or packages of apples now sold in hard plastic cases. It's all getting to be a bit much!

So far the longest I've used one of my fused plastic pouches is going on 5 years. Not being exposed to UV probably helps, but at the very least it keeps the mess out of the trash for a bit longer.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

8 months ago
Use it as a garbage bin liner, pick up dog poop, turn it into 'plarn' (plastic yarn), tie it to garden stakes to flutter in the breeze and scare birds; how to you keep your plastic garbage from filling up your trash?

I try to be conscious about purchases before hand, but it's hard to avoid it entirely. Even my TP comes wrapped in too much plastic!

I've also come across some tutorials on how to 'fuse' plastic into a sturdier fabric (here's a good example) which can be used ala Mad Max style and sewn into things.

2-3 bags/pieces of packaging (oh my god I have so much saved air bubbles from Amazon packages it's astounding) and I have a robust little bit of fabric that I've been sewing into pouches/pencil cases/grocery bags. I keep a stash for birthdays and christmas gifts. I keep buying stuff wrapped in plastic, so I just keep making them! Granted, I've been seeing more plastic packaging labeled as being made from compostable sources, so perhaps (hopefully) I'll reach the end of my supply someday.

What do you do about your plastic waste? Articles like this one (Everything we know about plastic...) really make me think.
8 months ago