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I've always loved gardening since a child, we have our gardens gravelled now but plants still need attending yearly and I also find reading very relaxing come evening time.
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Recent posts by Gail Dobson

Tyler Ludens wrote:Very nice!  For awhile I was doing dog portraits in embroidery, but currently am not taking commissions.  Portraiture is very difficult!

Tyler that would take some doing in embroidery but such a lovely talent...the lady did his portrait in pencil and it took 2 week to do, sorry about the glare on it from the light.

1 year ago
Well after losing my Bruno 3 yrs ago, a friend of mine new a lady who had retired from doing them but still did them as an hobby, so I had one done of my Staffordshire bull terrier Bruno.

Pic which was sent to her and the portrait is below.

1 year ago
My back garden green cordyline is now doing a new shooting also but that's still nice and healthy.

2 years ago
I have 3 Cordyline plants in the front garden, two green cordylines and one "Red star" and they was growing lovely until last years winter hit them hard and with this summers heat the Red star leaves went dry and then new shootings was coming off each one and they never flowered although they reached 6ft in height, so I had my hubby cut the stems across, knifed out some of shoots from the stem and then left so many to each stem for good maturity and they're coming on great.

2 years ago

raven ranson wrote:I want to re-use my glass jars, but those pesky labels are impossible to get off.

Anyone know how to remove labels from glass jars?  

We always keep unperformed baby wipes in the home as they're great with cleaning certain things and I just rub these on glass labels until they're wet and just get them off :)
2 years ago
I've never had a dish washer...I just run the hot water in the sink and use this scourer pad below and it's filled with washing up liquid (Anti-bacterial)

2 years ago
Hi Anette,

I used to have stomach pains as a child and was rushed in hospital and also got them in my teens and since being older and they turned out to be stomach spasms ...I take spasm tablets 3 times daily now and have no trouble plus also diagnosed with Chronic IBS.

I really hope she improves :)
2 years ago

Herb King wrote:Does anyone recognize what type of herb this is? Thank you.

It looks similar to an Asian foxtail
2 years ago

Judith Browning wrote:I can't see clearly but if there is a rosette of big soft big pale green leaves at the base, I would say it is mullein.
It's a keeper

Judith yours is a "Verbascum Mullein"
2 years ago

bernetta putnam wrote:Thank you all for the replies.
I'll look for that YouTube video.
Gail, what link?

Sorry bernetta i haven't got a clue what happened to it but i did add one for you...hopefully you get it :)

2 years ago