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Recent posts by L Goodwyn

I am in the process of searching for land in Cochise County. I am a second generation Tucsonan
my grandfather moved here in the 1920's. All land in not equal "Zoning" RU-4 is your friend but
not always some areas have draconian size restrictions on site built homes. You want 4 plus acres
with a RU-4 and a category -Rural or low density Rural. How to find out what the zoning is? Never
Trust a seller or agent to have the correct information.

There are a "Load" of land flippers right now and some are Real Estate agents jacking the prices
up 100%. The agents get to see these properties pop first on the MLS system.

Cochise County Geographical Information system

Cochise County Parcel map

The above link will allow you to find a Parcel by address or APN.  Information such as acreage, zoning, tax information,
even permits issued on the properties for Buildings and Septic systems.

Even use the Southern Arizona MLS public search.

Southern Arizona MLS

I found a property 2 days ago that just dropped from $14000 to $9000
16 acres. Sounds like a great deal right. Well I drove down this morning
on the 10th of January to put my boots on the ground.

The Property was a dead zone all 16 acres dead vegetation no
grass at all, it looked like red Martian soil. I went to the historical
aerial photographs from 1992-2013 nothing has ever grown there.
A quarter mile away desert vegetation and native grass.

Moral of the story get lots of photos , cost me only $16 in gas
and a 200 mile round trip to find out the property was a bust.

Good Luck!

PS one more resource is "Well" information link is below:

Arizona well registry

Zoom in click a red dot and click on report. Easy way to find well depths in an area.

1 month ago
Dan , I disagree

Commercial poultry is is NOT chlorinated it is Irradiated to kill bacteria .

I just wanted to add . If your want to build your poultry community keep at least 1 banty(bantam hen) 1 banty rooster (bantam rooster) seperated from your chickens.
to gestate your eggs. Bantys will sit on a door knob till it hatches . Banty roosters are aggressive - be aware.
4 months ago
Yes, Chickens will die in storm events -lightning, etc. They will overcrowd where they roost and die in these
events. I have lost many chickens to micro burst events.
4 months ago
This is the danger of upgrading an older house. Do not create a closed loop system it will not work. Your heating
systems needs make-up air to function. I.E. your clothes dryer, your furnace, your fireplace, your refrigerator.

What your refrigerator? yes its not a closed loop system. It condenses moisture from the inside and displaces (evaporates) it
to the room. Condensers are on the inside and Evaporators are on the outside of air conditioning systems .
Your refrigerator removes heat (making the interior colder). Everything with mass generates heat.

Dehumidifiers make the air colder to remove moisture(condensing).

The vacuum of space contains heat because its not devoid of mass, (virtual particles that pop in and out of
existence)(CASIMIR effect) the vacuum of space is not and can  not be absolute zero due to this.

Back to make up air, if you upgrade windows and heating systems make sure you have adequate make up air
to not create a closed loop system.

New eco buildings are making people sick because they do not have make up air systems. The toxins stay in
the new construction because they are closed systems.

This will eliminate your condensation problems.
4 months ago
Don't paint your wood your getting some nasty chemicals. If you own a
torch char the surface of the wood.

I've seen a few of these using aluminum cans as the heat transfer tubes.

My idea was to use a cheap solar pv panel to power  a dc fan
(i.e. computer fan 5v- 12v) for more air flow. Flexible dryer duct to the floor for
a cold air  intake.

Cool idea, what you have done is awsome.

4 months ago
I raised chickens for years, I never would eat a chicken that I didn't
kill myself on the farm.

Health departments have done studies of bacteria on chicken. The bacteria
doubles every hour meaning 1000 in an hour is 2000 then 4000 then 8000

We always hot dipped(boiling water) the fresh kills to easily remove the feathers only, it does
not kill any bacteria. Then cleaned and put in an ice bath.

4 months ago
Yea a Green house will be as fast as possible on the project list.

Chickens down the road.

I will be building a passive heat system at first, I should have all next summer
to get most of it done. I might do a wood stove for heat . I am looking
at an area around 6500ft . I currently live at 3000ft in the Sonoran desert.

I've been researching Vermicomposting toilets , but might just dig for septic.

Just looked at the GoSun Fusion- Where I live growing up people used to have
Solar Cooking Events everyone would show up with home brewed solar ovens.

Buy a few sheets of aluminum and get to polishing makes for and easy oven build.
4 months ago
Hello all,

In about 6 months time I will be starting life at square zero. I am glad that in my younger years
I paid off all my debt and didn't fall prey to the evil plastic cards.

My plan-

Buy a small flatbed trailer (optional - build a removable teardrop trailer)

Buy a patch of land 10-20-40 acres (area with the lowest property tax)(Pay Cash)

Build a small elevated housing structure 8 feet off the ground, 12 by 12 (similar to a fire watch tower)

Buy 4 -300w MC PV panels (and associated electrical equipment)

Buy LifePo4 Batteries

Have well drilled.


Well a bit about me, I grew up with a Grandfather that was a cattle rancher and poultry producer and butcher.
I grew up raising Chickens, Cattle, Turkeys, Pheasants. I spent a lot of my early life around my grandparents.
I learned to cook , garden, etc., life skills in general from them.

I was the why? and How does that work? question asking kid. I have a photographic memory that helped me
throughout the years to learn my skills. Automotive repair, Construction, Mechanical engineering, Information
Technology. I became a Chief Engineer at age 23 for the hospitality industry, 28 Industrial mechanic, 32 Director of
Information Technology.

I have the skills to do this its just daunting task of starting from almost absolute zero at the age of 50.
I am an or was an avid outdoors man until I met my wife, spent more days in Las Vegas than Camping.
My wife went on  1 camping trip in 20 years.

Found this site and started reading - thought to myself these seem like good people trying to help
one another. I might be able to give some help or advice to others. I like sharing knowledge and attaining
it, I am information sponge  and will spend the rest of my life learning till I die.


4 months ago