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We are in the Caribbean. Here, you drink the Rum neat without ice... The fish you only eat fresh. Whatfor a fridge?
2 years ago

We need someone in good physical condition who feels confident living with us and Piggy, a free living, dominant non castrated pig, on a remote island in simple environment. Frugal dealing with resources is required as electricity comes from solar system and drinking and using water from rain water harvest.

Currently we try to prepare the island for the upcoming north fronts and the next season and would need some help.
There are some light works like:
- moving some timber or seaweed
- cleaning the beaches and trails from plastic
- helping to snorkel for some logs
and some more heavy works to do like:
- giving a hand to build a fence and a seawall to prevent the erosion of the island, caused by north fronts and too high tides at this time of the year.

Accommodation for you is a little wooden beach hut with comfortable queen sized bed, kitchen corner with 2 burner gas stove and basic equipment, bucket shower and compost toilet. There is Internet and cellphone reception on the island.

In your spare time you could watch the stars, sunsets, dolphins and rays, explore the island, go snorkeling or fishing around the island, find meditation or yoga spots or just seize the end of the day.

Sorry, but we can only offer free accommodation and a hopefully unique stay on our little paradise island, as we are also only volunteers.
You had to cover your travel, provision and internet costs.  
All supplies you need, you have to bring when coming in a hired motorboat from the mainland. There is no delivery service!
2 years ago