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Recent posts by Greg Mamishian

Douglas Crouch wrote:
Our economy is riddled with flaws.

(shrug...) So what?
Those flaws don't have to riddle your economy.
Each of us creates our own economy based on the values we live by.
3 hours ago

Trace Oswald wrote:It sounds like those people you are talking about suffered from poor choices more than from an unfair system.

In my own experience I found that the system treats me exactly as fairly as I treat others. So I'm the only one who is personally responsible for determining now fair the system I live in is. From what I have observed over the years the people who feel they are not treated fairly by the system do not treat others fairly. And in doing so they become a part of the unfair system they blame for their own unfair treatment.

In my businesses I follow just one simple rule: Do what's right.
And obeying that moral directive has worked out well.

15 hours ago

L. Tims wrote:That's an interesting one, Greg. Kind of like compost tea. Do you add a source of sugar to it to feed the aerobic bacteria? How soon would this be safe to use (not on leaf vegetables or anything like that obviously, but trees and pumpkin plants)?

Nothing needs to be added as we supply all the "food". (lol)
Here's the whole system... from raw sewage to garden hose water.

We use every drop of reclaimed composted water from our sewage to irrigate our fruit trees and grape vines and to keep our fish ponds full. I also pump the sludge off the bottom into buckets and use it as fertilizer. It's exactly the same sludge that I get from the bottoms of our fish ponds when I muck them out.

With this completely sustainable system everything gets reused and nothing goes to "waste'". ;  )

2 days ago
Simply put some water in your poo pit and aerate it.

Anaerobic bacteria metabolize hydrogen sulphide... that's the stink.
If you aerate your pit, anaerobic bacteria consume the anaerobic bacteria.
Aerobic bacteria metabolize carbon dioxide... no stink!
3 days ago
Kelsy, I found my wife through a personal ad.
She was the only one who responded to it.
We cleared land and built our home
and are living happily ever after.
Destiny plays a huge role in things like this
so be what you want to find in someone else
because the fish always matches the bait.
Where we live buildable land goes for about $300K to $1M+ an acre.
Emphasis on the word buildable as there's cheaper land on which you can't build.
We bought relatively cheaper land sold as unbuildable and found a way to build on it.

"Fair" is what anyone is willing to pay.
5 days ago

Judith Browning wrote:My issue was with folks coming to my home, standing on my porch and telling me I'm going to hell if I don't think the same way they do.

I've never had anyone who came to my door tell me anything negative like that.
However, I have been told of the joy of fulfilling our intended purpose for being here.

From what I've observed, people create hell while they're here
so it doesn't seem much of a point to it being any worse after they die.

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Greg;  
I have one of those on my house wood stove.  I like it.  It is reading surface temperature.
This is important with a conventional stove, as a high pipe temp could start a chimney fire. In the creosote conventional stoves produce or ignite nearby wood framing. RMH's do not do either.
You would be surprised to see the numbers if you were able to read the internal gas temp.

What we are trying to do. Is maximize the heat held and keep chimney temperatures  warm enough for convection and to resist moisture buildup in the stack.
But not so hot that I am "wasting" heat out the chimney.

Yes, this is me being a geeky pyro … but I like it !

Same here Thomas! (lol)
I love fussing with the fire and the controls to keep our stove operating within its optimum range. It's not a rocket, just a conventional cast iron stove. This indicator is located at the hottest spot on the stove surface.

I used an infrared thermometer as a reference to adjust the thermometers so they'll give more accurate readings.

1 week ago
We use these on our flues.

They're easy to read simple go or no-go conditions.
1 week ago

Judith Browning wrote:The year I began this thread we had just moved to this small rural town and were living within sight of neighbors for the first time in more than forty years so the first time someone came on my porch knocking, wanting to 'save' us I realized our privacy was compromised...getting used to it somewhat now.

That's a valid reason, Judith.
The population of our "village" is 8,200 and does not belong to any city or have any local government except for being within a county seat. So there's a kind of generally relaxed non threatened live and let live attitude here because the natural environment completely overwhelms every other consideration. There are no sidewalks, no street lights, no traffic noise, no serious crime, and the neighbors ride their horses down the road. There is an underlying attitude in folks of gratitude and feeling blessed to live here... when anyone comes to our door they tend to get treated like neighbors.