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Recent posts by Joshua Michael Holtzapple

Small Camper available now
Three bedroom 1.5 bath doublewide available VERY SOON.

We have a small farmstead in rural ohio.  We have about 5 acres that 2 that are fenced for rotational grazing(Icelandic sheep right now).

Triangle shaped with a  wooded creek that runs along the back.  Mulberry nectarine apples and grapes currently growing on the property(not enough)

Right now sunchokes and sheep are my unfair advantage.  Definitely looking for companion businesses.

My goal is to get a food forest/Silvia pasture system going in full swing ASAP.

-pond or 2
-rocket mass heater(s)
-natural buildings
-more fencing/paddocks

Would like to faze out the camper and trailer with natural buildings.

Rent would be negotiable and could be reduced with work.

We have a 3 bedroom brick ranch home on the property.
3 weeks ago
I will double any order increment of two pounds.  That works best for me because of shipping reasons

Here is a quick recipie.  If you ferment sunchokes in a 2 percent salt brine with garlic and crushed red pepper you will be amazed.  Might take a little planning ahead but way worth it!

My variety looks like a stampede with some wild hybridization and it does awesome over the winter 4 years now and I have never seen any losses.

If anyone is interested..

.  #etsy shop: Sunchokes
3 months ago