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I planted saffron bulbs a few years ago in my food forest. I have them planted with daffodils, gladiolas, crinum, and freesia. In addition to the saffron threads, they are a wonderful attractant for the bees in the Autumn. They bring so much joy to the Fall. Just as things are winding down for winter, these beauties spring to life.
1 day ago
I love perennial greens!  I’ve been breeding perennial collards and kales for the last several years. I have a few specimens which are really promising and have been reliably perennial and taste terrific. These plants are entering their third winter and are still going strong!
How exciting Patrick!  I haven’t heard of this variety before. I love discovering new perennial veggies!  I’ll join you in a mission to track this one down and will make sure to share if I find any leads.
Thanks TJ. I’m happy to help disperse them if you decide to share. I’m in the Santa Cruz mountains of Cali. I’m going to start some from seed as well and give ‘Em a go.
Tj Jefferson, could I purchase some potato onions for you?  If so, my direct email is: Thanks for considering!
Thanks for so many great ideas!  I'll let you know how my experiments go this year.  :)  
1 month ago
Hi fellow Permies!  I'm conducting a cover crop experiment in my orchard this year and would love to hear any experiences you may have had with perennial cover crops.  I live in the Santa Cruz mountains, zone 9b, full sun, growing in sandy loam soil.  This season I'm going to test out bird's foot trefoil, perennial sweet pea, Siberian pea shrubs, goumi shrubs, and perennial lupines.  I've tried clover in the past, but we have a ton of gopher activity on our mountain, and found that this caused a huge number of gophers to move into our orchard.  Yikes!

My thought is that a perennial groundcover could be periodically mowed or sheared to release nitrogen into the soil throughout the season.  Do any of you have any thoughts or experience with this?  I welcome your ideas...
1 month ago
Yay!  I just increased my pledge.  Greg, what is your email address?  I'm excited to grow some Chinese artichokes.  Thanks for your generosity.
3 months ago
The apartment comes fully furnished with queen bed, dresser, sofa, TV, eating area, towels, and dishes.  :)
1 year ago