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I'm a chiropractor-turned-farmer, determined to grow the majority of my family's food and medicine on our homestead in the Santa Cruz mountains.
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Recent posts by Christy Garner

Hi Kydio.  I just tried the link again and it worked just fine.  You can also access it on our site at:  Wishing you a wonderful garden.
2 months ago
I wrote the book I wish I had when I started gardening...and it's FREE!  One that has everything you need in one place: which perma veggies to grow, how to grow, when to harvest, and yummy recipes to prepare them.

Learn how to grow the most delicious and nutritious food with the least amount of work. This book is a gift to you, my fellow gardeners and homesteaders. You can access the book below. I'll keep updating the videos and pro tips inside it throughout the growing season. I hope it makes your dreams of feeding yourself and your family so much easier.  I'm rooting for you!  Christy

Click here to access the FREE book!  :)

4 months ago
🌿 We’re looking for a self-motivated individual or couple to care for our koi ponds and Japanese gardens on our 7-acre permaculture homestead in Felton, California.  It’s a beautiful heritage property with 400-year-old oaks, an 8-year-old food forest, organic food and medicinal gardens, koi ponds, and Japanese-style meditation gardens.  We’re looking for someone for whom this is their dream job, in a phase of life where you feel rooted and not traveling a lot.  We’re in a quiet phase of life and looking for someone who can contribute to the stewardship of this land in a quiet and thoughtful way.

• You’ll have your own, private 1BR/1BATH home with full kitchen, dining room, living room, and a bonus loft /office. The house has a large fenced backyard with a deck and Japanese maples. Onsite parking. Available April 1st.  Rent is $2400/month.
• We’ll guarantee you 20 hours of work per week at $30/hour to cover the cost of rent.
• Share of organic fruit, vegetables, and medicinal herbs from the property
• Convenient location, 7 min to downtown Felton, 15 min to downtown Santa Cruz, 45 minutes to San Jose.

• Driver’s license
• Koi and pond maintenance expertise
• Japanese garden and pruning expertise
• Responsive on text as property needs arise (taking care of emergencies if they come up after hours)

• No smoking
• Quiet
• Clean background check
• No unannounced visitors

If this sounds like a fit for you, please send an email to: to apply.  🌿

1 year ago
Gorgeous, delicious, and healing...what more could you ask for? This beautiful hollyhock will be a showstopper in your garden and will give you towering blooms from early summer through Fall. We grow them in a beautiful variety of colors: red, purple, and black. We grow them between our perennial kales and collards as a beautiful pop of color and a great attractant for beneficial insects. The entire hollyhock plant is edible and useful. The flowers are a gorgeous addition to salads. the young leaves can be eaten like spinach, and the root is used as cooling, moistening medicine. This is a true perennial hollyhock. (Alcea rosea)

This is a must for every food forest and perennial garden!  We have seeds for red, purple, and black perennial hollyhocks.

What have been your experiences in growing hollyhocks?  Do you have any photos to share?
This crisp, cold-hardy green is a delicious edible salad green, that has a similar texture to frisée, and is a gentle skin soother.  This effortless salad green goes by many names in different countries:  Minutina, Buck's horn plantain, or Erba Stella, but whatever you call it, it's delicious. It's great tossed into meals raw, is delicious sauteed in olive oil, and can make great skin-soothing medicine.  It loves being cut and thrives in the cool spring season. As a plantain it is a go-to in the garden for skin support. (Plantago coronopus)

If Jack really had a bag of magic beans, they would have been runner beans!  Runner beans are our absolute favorite perennial bean.  These beans are gorgeous, yummy, and climb to the sky with ease. We've collected rare runner bean varieties from around the world and have continued to select for perennial nature, amazing colors, and rich, savory taste.  You'll receive a blend of colors from our collection and can enjoy the rich variety of colors of beans and blossoms.  Once you taste our runner beans, you'll forget that any other bean ever existed. (Phaseolus coccineus)

Check out these beautiful beans!

Comfrey is the workhorse of a perennial garden!  It gives so much and asks for so little...and did we mention that it's BEAUTIFUL?!   In addition to its gorgeous leaves and flowers, it gives us home-grown fertilizer and medicine.  We grow it around our fruit trees and as a border around our veggie gardens.  We simply couldn't grow the amazing things we do in our food forest without this miraculous plant. (Symphytum uplandicum)

We have comfrey roots and crowns available here.
Imagine a perennial root that tastes like the sweetest carrot you've ever eaten ... this is SKIRRET! Skirret literally means "sugar root".  Skirret is our answer to the question, "how can I have an endless supply of carrot flavor without all of the hassle and work of planting carrots every year?" Skirret has captured our hearts and has earned not 1, but 2 full beds in our garden because it's so easy, so yummy, and so prolific. (Sium sisarum). GET YOUR PERMA CARROT (Skirret) PATCH STARTED TODAY!

What have been your experiences with skirret?
We had an abundant season this year in our food forest, and we're happy to be able to share this overflow with you in our perennial plant nursery.  We've added several new plants that we're really excited about and have all of our tried-and-true favorites as well.  

Our goal is to find a delicious perennial alternative for as many traditional annual garden plants as possible.  Why are we so passionate about perennial plants?  Because they're so much SMARTER! Check out these amazing advantages:

WAY LESS WORK- Plant these once and eat for many seasons. They are permanent additions to your garden. That's why we call them PERMA PLANTS!
MORE DROUGHT TOLERANT - Perennial plants have deeper root systems. Deeper roots = less water.
MORE PEST RESISTANT - We've selected plants which are able to naturally fight off pests without chemicals.
MORE NUTRIENT-DENSE - With deeper roots comes increased capacity to draw up nutrients = more nutrition for you!
LONGER HARVESTS - Many of these plants provide food throughout the year when annual plants have long since died.
MORE INTELLIGENCE - They have the intelligence to be able to rest and regenerate themselves and adapt to climate change.

And as a thank you to our Permie community, we're extending an offer of 20% off your entire order of $50 or more now through January 5th, 2023.  Use code:  PERMIE20JAN to receive your discount, or follow this link and have it automatically applied:
It's not nice to play favorites, but if we had to choose one plant which can pretty much do it all, it's Stinging Nettle!  Nettle is nature's multivitamin.  Its amazing golden root structure mines deep for vitamins and minerals and pulls them to the surface into its roots, leaves, and seeds.  It's one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can add to your diet.  And the best part is, not only is it extremely nutritious, but it's also DELICIOUS!  We enjoy the leaves in place of spinach in all our favorite recipes, in pestos, and sprinkle the tasty seeds on top of most of our dishes to enjoy their stress busting superpowers.  This same abundance of nutrients also makes nettles an awesome homemade fertilizer.  Every garden needs a nettle patch. Food, medicine, fertilizer, and garnish in one.  Can you tell we like it a little bit?  :)  

We just thinned our organically-grown giant nettle patch and have rhizomes available for a limited time.

Start your patch now: