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I had orchards and berry patches, I would tell people "you can have all you want just give me a quarter of your finished product"...if you make ten pints of jelly, gimme 2....if you make an apple pie gimme a slice, if you press a gallon of cider gimme a cup, I made this invitation for seven years running, in community forums and churches all over my area.
To date the bears, squirrels, and birds are the only takers, pears, apples, plums, and cherries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, hit the ground every season, in every church I have attended in the past seven years two or three families at minimum are on public assistance.
With some people, even if I picked it, and processed it, I swear I'd have to hit them in the jaw to help them masticate
8 hours ago
On a really good night I can fly, and wear ten thousand league footwear.
On a really bad night malevolence personified sits in a dark corner of my room and whispers of hopelessness and doom.
On a really good night, my heroic efforts spring from joy.......never need.
On a really bad night the voice of evil fades with prayer for the people around me.

My closet is filled with a fantastic array of ordinance, aliens dream of keeping me from my closet!

On the nights I dream of making love to the most stunning woman in the world, I wake up and pursue the dream.

9 hours ago
Most building code are in place for one of three reasons...
1: Someone before you left a toxic mess that others had to clean up.
2: Some peoples toxic mess got into the water table, or spread well beyond their borders, or left permanent changes.
3: Most people don't have the courtesy to burn down their "improvements" and leave the land the way they found fact most people want to be paid for "value added" even if the value in question is inadequate, the next generation of owners want to insure these "improvements" and insurance companies want an inspection process....from the first foundation up. Concrete reinforcement, snow load,sane electrical, adequate plumbing doesn't happen by accident....and frequently doesn't happen at all, without permits and inspections, leaving future owners holding the bag, and insurance companies denying future claims because there is no record of inspection.
Neighbors call in authorities because they don't want property values declining because someone started collecting old tires (some of that toxic mess) for an "earthship", or septic leach lines within a few feet of a freshwater stream because the digging was easier, or a thousand other reasons an individuals "freedom" can impact their unfortunate neighbors or entire communities downstream, or just because population density is edging past the local habitat / aquifer's ability to disperse human impact.
If your septic option will be "perfectly legal if you paid the money to get it certified" for heavens sake get it certified why wouldn't you have to bear the same burden as the rest of your community?
Probably all that's needed is some cohesive plan, with some reasonable timeline, but at this juncture, country living looks like a lifeboat on the Titanic in comparison with continued life in the cities. Most of the denizens that had the good sense to leave a long time ago would like to see the invasion kept under control, so showing your compatibility with the community will probably go a long way to widening your options, vs having neighbors eager for that wide open vista you just obscured to be cleared up again....
If a realtor or seller misrepresented the property and its not open to development, your better going after the realtor / or  seller than trying to change the minds of your neighbors, /  county administration.....
Written communications are key to clear, satisfactory results. With every state / city / county agency.
2 weeks ago

That looks like creosote...and creosote is flammable in adequate quantity.
Creosote is a product of burning at too low temperature.
Airtight stoves (pre catalytic) are frequent sources of house fires from as little as two weeks of creosote buildup
On a rocket mass heater my understanding is....there is very little airflow control ..the intent is to burn a fire as hot as possible and absorb all the heat into mass.
If you have airflow need to;
Arrange for creosote to flow back into the firebox.
Once a day burn the fire as hot as possible to burn off creosote.
If creosote is forming in your mass stop using it until you can get the fire hot enough to stop forming creosote!  Everything should be consumed (including vapor!) by the top of the riser.
Chimney fires are the result of accumulated creosote.
Since most people use galvanized ducting rather than chimney in their mass, a fire in the ducting can result in toxic gas, the intent of the barrel is to cool the gasses to where the galvanized ducting won't off gas.
A lateral run can accumulate a remarkable quantity of creosote, certainly enough to burn completely through the ducting, if your mass is made of cob, the straw in it will light and smolder.
Most people who die in fire perish from smoke inhalation...frequently never waking to the danger present.
1 month ago
It sad but my dreams are entirely conventional......
I dream of metric tons of money at my disposal! And dispose I would!
An epic spending spree of such climactic excess that it would make the glitterati blush with shame at their unbecoming modesty!
I would dress my Beloved in enough fur and silk and Italian leather that the proprietors of such necessities, grandchildren could afford a sumptuous education and a lavish lifestyle.
My driveway would be long and bountiful overwhelmed with bouncing children of fat overpaid gardeners, meticulously tending the least detail of everything rare and beautiful
My fields would be so vast armies of caballero's would greet each other with family tidings from distant homes in the frozen wastes of Montana to the smoking slopes of the Sierra's wishing each other well and exchanging breeding stock in pursuit of perfecting a new strain of Pegasi
My chefs would crush mighty oak tables with feasts so sumptuous that superlatives fail and then relax the next day while their compatriots celebrate their excellence with feasting!

While I prepare for that day.......
I'll climb into a state truck and grind my way across the face of Idaho admiring the excellence (or lack thereof) of the craftsmen plying their trade in the Land of the Free.....and that aint so bad in it own right.
1 month ago the most economical place I know of to get heat exchangers, etc.

If you go for an outdoor boiler remember you can put your domestic hot water heating on it,
And rig an exchanger to your clothes dryer and a switch to turn off the heating element and generate significant savings there too.
If you go whole hog and install water baseboards you get silent heat and even better flameproof heat. You can safely allow clothes and detritus to accumulate on the heaters and all it does is dry the clothes and desiccate the forgotten pizza.
A damp towel over a small baseboard and a mixing bowl of dough creates an ideal atmosphere for dough to raise.
1 month ago
If you have wood than its hard to beat wood heat....a modern unit with a catalytic combustor will reduce your wood consumption by about 30%.
Pellet stoves are even more frugal, and can be easily tied to a thermostatic control but..(IMHO) the heat is not as satisfying, the pellets about break even with a good heat pump for operating costs, the units are far from trouble free. Still they beat huddling around a milk house heater.
If you have the time and own the property than a  batch type Rocket Mass Heater seems like the mark to shoot for ...not that I've had one to compare, but on paper they seem like an improvement.
I've had outdoor wood furnaces and would recommend them heartily ....if you have significant resources to invest.

If your young...and hearty enough to get your own wood in, significant health benefits follow that level of exercise!....providing no extinction level accidents befall you in the woods.
If your sixty five plus and swallowing enough pills to allow your pharmacist to know you by name, than a smiling delivery man will fetch out a ton of fourty pound sacks of pellets that will remind you how wise you were to avoid wandering in the woods alone!
1 month ago
Dunno how much "Plenty of money" is but.......

The further you are from a civic center the cheaper small acreage will be. After 100 acres its no longer "small".

For best bang for your buck,

Look for developed water, water well drilling is a crapshoot and you can spend $60,000 in a heartbeat and still wind up with dry holes, lousy water or inadequate flow.

Look for flat usable land, hillsides are cheaper for a reason. a flat terrace on a mountainside is good.....a mountainside will make you sweat for every day you own it. the steeper the cheaper, and less useful with every degree off horizontal.

If possible look for a structure / plan to the development of the buildings, lots of farms "grew organically" and they are a pain to move around on ....usually things are too close together to afford good access with trucks / tractors-trailers.
Buildings built close together are a fires dream, 50' plus between buildings give you a beggars hope of containing a fire. Worst combination a tight cluster of buildings on a rough hillside is almost completely indefensible, in the face of a windblown fire.

Look for large sturdy structurally sound buildings, homesteading takes a lot of space and if you jam everything into small quarters you'll spend more time finding things than working with them. Old and dirty is fine, avoid mold like the plague. Not that every mold is toxic...its just a sign of long term neglect.

Neighbors are a mixed blessing, neighbors that lend their tractor, watch your animals, and fetch needed supplies from town are a delight....neighbors whose goats eat your truck garden, shriek so loud they keep you awake at night, and shoot random things at random times...not so much.

On a practical note...make county tax structure an exclamation point in your search. all government is parasitic, and the counties only method of revenue is taxation, every improvement guarantees a heavier toll on your wallet and no improvement will be overlooked. Ten years of steady development can extract a brutal, never ending, ever increasing, burden that will ensure you struggle to keep it when your on a fixed income......

And a final edit to add, The more you can do with less tools / equipment the better. It's unreasonable to build the Taj Mahal with a Leatherman but the more equipment, / tool, / stuff you have the more time spent in upkeep, / maintenance, / to the point of no return,
Many start with a plan for a peaceful simple life and generate so much minutia in the process of "keeping it simple" they run back to the city overwhelmed and disheartened.
1 month ago
Its been thirty years since I lived in Spokane but at that time there was a city ordinance that the only entity allowed to generate power in city limits was Avista Power.
Avista ran the Spokane river through turbines in the city limits
As written it made a de-facto lawbreaker out of anyone whom had an automobile or other generator / alternator.

Of course it was indefensible but it made a good start at discouraging competition,

As with the rest of "the rule of law" how much money and time do you want to devote to ensuring you can behave as if you are free?
1 month ago