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Recent posts by Orin Raichart

Yesterday we completed all but 4 sections with the four attached vertcials!  This means on Monday, there will be nothing left but the gates and filling in all the sections with unattached junk poles!  This is a big deal to me personally given the fence only had four posts in the ground when I arrived. The junk pole fence at Alterton Abbey is to protect the food there; we've made hugels on the west side and heavily planted those hugels inside that fence line....the chance of getting a large amount of food off of the hugels with the cats on patrol  inside the fence line is fairly good. The junk pole fence is a great deal of work and we hope to replace it with a living fence as soon as one can be grown.

In the afternoon, I refreshed the batteries, emptied the memory, sorted pictures, and posted from the game cameras  -you can view those pictures here.

I'm really glad to help create Paul's working model for a single acre to showcase for Wheaton Labs at Alterton Abbey....of course, I am working on my own living model On Narrow Pond.

If you'd like to join my supporters of On Narrow Pond, my pay pal is orin.noch at gmail or you can use librepay via the link below.  You could also send one of these items! -Thank you William Shlegel, Greg Martin, Kerry Rodgers, and Pearl Sutton for your support!

oh, and I did a little tractor work too:
3 hours ago
Oh yeah  did it    ...got a moose after all  ...  a baby calf at that!!!
17 hours ago
BRK Day 91

Yesterday was morning junk pole fence day and road shaping. In the afternoon Clayton and me filled up Judy to irrigate the base camp hugels and returned to gardening there after: watering asperagas Josiah and me planted at the end of March, along with chop and drop.

Watering the fire truck:
BRK Day 90

The housing placement for the camera wasn't great for the camera's field of vision and the router it attached to wasn't the closest, down it came for a new location and a battery charge.

...did a little work on the hugel beds to free up the food plants and in the afternoon we collected a load of junk pole
BRK Day 89

Yesterday I did a little work on the junk pole fence then spent most of the morning moving Chateau de Poo (once the fence was up, moving the Chateau would've been hard and dangerous). In the afternoon, I gave the library desktop a final sanding then began building a cell phone housing for the security cameras.
BRK Day 88

Yesterday I finished chiseling the large library desktop after a good morning of great progress on the junk pole fence.

Here's some videos Clayton took and I pasted together:
BRK Day 87

Made it out On Narrow Pond yesterday.....thanks to my supporters, I have tools, perennials, and annuals! Thank you Wiliam, Greg, Kerry and Pearl!  I've got updates for you as usual this week!

Here's a little video for the rest of you!

BRK Day 86

Did a little nest labor and took the new Boot for a Ant Village tour...did a little work On Narrow Pond too.

Kerry Rodgers wrote:Wow, that WAS a full day!   I'm intrigued by your mention of "just before Himalayan yoga".  If it's not too personal a subject, maybe a brief description/link/pic of the practice there at WL?   ....

....  So now I want to know what everyone else is doing.  I hadn't actually heard of "Himalayan" as a style before.

hmmmm....so the set of stretches I'm referring to as Himalayan Yoga was first taught to me in the mid-90's by a man named Micheal Phillips in Tucson, AZ. To prepare his student's bodies to move Chi through their bodies, he taught us this particular set with the name "opening the gates" -a Mandrin name.

In 2015 I went to His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje USA seat near Woodstock, NY to finish a practice called Ngondro. There were two high level monks sent to prepare the monastery for the Karmapa's arrival in 2016; one of those monks name is Khenpo Tenkyong. He asked if I wanted to learn Himalayan Yoga, I said yes, and he taught me the EXACT same set of stretches!

Khenpo Tenkyong said he was from a kung fu monastery and he used the word shaolin but later I went to Nepal and learned that the Kagyu Lineage has both male and female kungfu monasteries; these monks and nuns are physical protectors.  Khenpo Tenkyong was born in Nepal and as a young boy told his parents they needed to move  to India so he could assist the Karmapa; they did.

If you wanted to learn these set of stretches, it will take about a month as these are not session yoga poses....one has to learn what is going on inside of one's body rather than just the outside.
Here are the people I recommend that you ask to teach you this set of Himalayan Yoga:

Khenpo Karma Tenkyong

Sam FS Chin

Kelley Graham

This man, Michael Phillips, is the one who showed me these set of stretches first (and so many other internal energy tools).

Lastly, in order of importance, I could teach them to you and it will take about a month and half to make sure you 1) can do them; 2) you get the internal instructions ingrained in your body. You would be better served working with the above caliber of people to learn this set of stretches.

BRK Day 85

A full day yesterday as usual!  First junk pole fence work which Simon is doing great at. Then a few transplants on to Alterton Abbey's Hugel beds followed by tractor road grading.

In the afternoon: transplants of onions on to the base camp hugel beds; Fred and me went to get water in Judy; Fred let me firehose down the base camp hugels (which is way more fun than I'll admit to); finished the Boot camp project time with desktop chisel work; later Simon gave his first design presentation just before Himalayan yoga.