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Recent posts by Mle Power

Hi Arkansas Permies, I'm living here temporarily in Russellville, and I haven't had any success locating an in-person PDC Course out here. I could do it online of course, but... I'd prefer a hands-on, in person experience.

I've been an online-lover of permaculture for several years, but haven't done much of anything in the real world. Sick of being a dreamer and ready to DO. If you know any PDC courses around Russellville AR, I'd be grateful for the recommendation. Husband and I are hoping to move to TX within 1-2 hrs of Fort Worth but not sure exactly where or when. I'd be happy to learn of any Permaculture Design Certification courses out there as well.

If there are any permaculture meet ups or events or ANYTHING happening, I would be overjoyed to join, please let me know.
1 year ago
Hi Paul,

I heard you want to go with a publicist for a hefty fee. I would be amiss not to recommend Pro Audio Voices for their extraordinary marketing program, and anything audiobook! It would seriously be worth taking a look, and getting in contact with Becky Parker to talk about your goals. They are amazing and also on the permaculture journey, coincidentally!  

I am editing this post to emphasize that they have an amazing value and it could be exactly what you are looking for. Worth a value comparison!!
4 years ago
We would definitely want to participate! To refine my question, would it matter if a couple stayed in at tent, instead of the provided beds/bunks?

I hope to have an idea if we can sign up soon, so I will check in again later!
5 years ago
Can we have an update on how many spots are left, if any? Also, if you are at capacity for the sleeping arrangements, could a couple camp on the premises and squeeze in for the event and meals? Thanks!
5 years ago
We have never been to Idaho! It seems like an underrated state with tons of natural beauty, and it is much more affordable than CA, although most places are. It is also because I like the look of University of Idaho and the Sustainable Food Systems B.S. Also since it is a college town there will be jobs my BF and I can get. Just branching out! We were also considering Texas, but it sounded too populated for us, we want to try to be a little more rural. Also, whenever we tell people that we are going to Idaho they seem kind of horrified... so that makes it more intriguing!

If anyone knows of any PDC's near or in Idaho I'd love to know about it!
5 years ago
I am really liking this thread! I am optimistic that permaculture will spread more and more, but slowly and quietly since it will not be endorsed by popular culture. Word of mouth is everything! I was born in '94 and thankfully I went to some hippy charter schools which helped with getting a connection to nature at a young age, and continually through the grades. Exposure is everything!

I did not go to college which has been considered some great tragedy in my family, although no one else went to college, and no one else seems to be chomping at the bit to pay for why would I be so desperate to do so? If I decide to go, I have to accept the debt will be on my shoulders alone! So why, at young impressionable ages when you want to impress your family (and more importantly, everyone else) does your very same family encourage you to jump into debt, and something that does not teach real skills, nor does it guarantee a job, and we know it doesn't teach you basic finance. Shouldn't our parents know better than to take this wildly bad gamble with our future? So strange.

Anyway, I have been working for the past 5 years and it is not great, pretty soul sucking, actually. For the most part however, I am in a better financial situation than my friends who went to school and are now making it on their own, with debt hanging over them, and college appears to have been pretty soul sucking as well. I am more prepared to buy land, or a house, than I would have been if I had just graduated college two years ago. I also have more extensive work experience. How were we sold on the idea that college will make life easier better richer faster? If anything, people have an extended adolescence to wade through before reality finally hits them.. just strange! Also, my financial situation is really not that good! It is better than many, especially the homeless that surround me constantly, but just by not having debt I feel like I am in a much more free position...

Ironically, I am considering going to university for sustainable food systems, a B.S. Really this is my "reasonable" excuse to move somewhere moderately rural and to spend my time and money going to PDC's and anything else I can get my hands dirty doing, while I am gaining residency in the new state. I will have to be in an apartment to start in this new place where I know no one, but hopefully my BF and I will be in a flexible lease, and able to look at land/houses sooner rather than later.

What matters is following your heart and doing something purposeful. I have been wistfully observing the permaculture world through my computer screen, and I at least know that this is the purpose I want to fulfill. I constantly talk about permaculture to other people, and I am so excited to physically be involved at last. I will see if University really ends up happening, probably only if it is financially viable and doesn't interfere with getting some land. I still feel drawn to school for the social and networking possibilities more than anything else...and now I have a very clear idea of what I would want to study, at last. Part of me wonders how much I will really gain? Is it just to put my family at ease?

I feel ahead of my peers in certain ways, but I still feel so behind in every other way compared to adults of the past. By my age my grandmother had all three of her children years ago, their house was being built and expanded by my grandfather, and they were not rich by any means! Why do we think we much have x amount of dollars before starting our families and lives? The basics are so lost, and as I find that they are what I really want, and what I could have learned from my family instead of being indoctrinated my whole youth... by now I could be really established if passing down knowledge was a cultural thing. I am trying not to wallow in feeling unaccomplished, but I really am unaccomplished! Why are we waiting longer and longer to get life started? I feel like I should have had 20 children and a productive garden with a cob house by now! LOL! Really though, there are so many gov't mandated distractions that keep us from our true potential? because it is more profitable to have us controlled- is my guess.

Totally a wild long winded rant right now, but I wonder if people relate!

We are moving from stinky, expensive CA to mysterious (to us) Northern Idaho, soon. No exact dates set, but probably before the summer of 2019. I would love to meet anyone and everyone interested in permaculture and the like, I am SO yearning for like-minded folks. Or even not that like-minded, just genuine!

This post was not written very well so please, forgive me! Just blowing off steam from figuring out the logistics of our move, and also I am feeling excited to be finally moving toward a permaculture life, little by little. Many mixed emotions. A cycle of sad/elated to be moving away from family. Extremely excited to get out of this job. Nervous about getting another job I hate after moving, just to "make things work". Absolutely stoked to see another part of the country! Nervous about snow, and snow+gardening-experience=disaster? Cycles of stress/excitement/sadness/happiness everyday. What a life!

5 years ago

I am still keeping an eye on this and weighing out my current situation. Is it possible to get an email to ask about some personal topics so I can better plan out if this will be good for me?

5 years ago
Hey, did you sell it? I don't see any replies here.
in addition... maybe a way to sort by most recent? Or jump to bottom?
If I pay the $100 to come to Wheaton Labs, does that include the online PDC? Or vice versa, if I get the online PDC does that cover the $100 entrance to Wheaton Labs? Or are they totally separate?

5 years ago