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Recent posts by Mike Elliott

Hello all!

My girlfriend and I travel during the Canadian winter to the United States. We are wondering if anyone needs help with any permaculture projects and would like to host us in exchange for our labor!

We have successfully done this for the last 3 years and love learning and sharing what we know. Our experience in permaculture goes much deeper than 3 years but that was when we quit our jobs
to pursue a holistic life. We currently run workshops in BC during the summer , feel free to check out our website www.wisdominlivingdreams.com

We make our living by playing music so in our spare time we want to save the world one step at a time!

Our skills include Sustainable Garden Design, Food Forestry, Earthen Building, Health and Music!

If you are interested in starting a conversation with us please drop us a email. thetreehuggersband@gmail.com

Please pass this along to anyone you feel might be interested.

One love!

Mike and Lori!
1 month ago