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Hi Alan,

I'm so interested in the life and education of the San people now.
Do you know if it's possible to visit them and directly learn how they educate their people?
It would be so great to write a thesis on them.

Thank you so much
1 month ago
I think practicing permaculture is a great way to awaken the inner scientist in people, but I am not very strict with the word scientist. For me a scientist definitely is a person who wants to free themselves from the norms to discover the truth beyond the known. Old paradigms have to be changed or thrown out for something new to come. If you research within a discipline you already are caught in the concepts of that discipline, meaning you're already nit thinking freely, because the perspective you're researching from has been taught to you from someone else, who has also taken over concepts from another person.  
Thus a scientist who has studied in his field for many years might not be as free as someone who has never studied anything before.

And I think to really observe something, perceive it purely it is better to have a free mind rather than a mind stuffed with various concepts.

Anyway: Alan, thank you for the response about the education techniques from the San people. I'm very fascinated now and I'm wondering why you have such a deep knowledge in that field. Did you live with them for some time?  
1 month ago
Thank you for this detailed and very deep answer to my question. I'm really impressed and thankful for the package of knowledge you just gave me. I am really wondering how it would be to talk to you for real.  :-)

And I have to say I'm also very happy about your answer. I like to call myself a scientist because I love to observe and I also love the challenge to break my boundaries and search for the unknown or let's say renew old, dusty paradigms.
I'm very much into the science of yoga which is a very old and mostly misinterpreted science about how we perceive our reality. I believe that yogis were the first indian scientists, who included much more in their observations than modern scientist do today. That's why they might have gone much deeper as we go today.
Studying yoga deeply definitely redefines your view of human capacities and practicing it truly extends yours and the capacities of your surrounding for sure.

Please forgive me my English, it's a bit late now and my brain is tired. 😊

Anyway thank you for the answer.
I'm still a bit curious tough:
I studied educational science and I am very much interested in pedagogical concepts that educators use to teach people.

Can you tell me a bit about your approach of teaching permaculture and also your way of teaching to teach permaculture. 😊

How do you think can and will people sustainably learn and which methods to you use to support them in your courses?

Looking forward to another great answer
1 month ago
Hi guys,

So what I was wondering about is the following:
What is a scientist for you?
The pdc is for scientist and so on, but what exactly does it mean?

Philosophically spoken anyone who is interested in science, seeking to find the truth behind natural phenomena could be a scientist.
But practically spoken there's different forms of science, some say only nature science are real science.
Others would say a real scientist starts at the phd level, bachelor and masters are only wanna - be - scientists.

So what's your opinion about it

Also important for me to know if I can call myself a scientist or not. 😆

1 month ago
Hi Paul and Alan,

I'm from Austria and almost a neighbour of Sepp Holzer.
If you give the ticket to me, after finishing the course, I will personally visit the Krameterhof
and show Sepp and his son how to improve his permaculture design with the techniques I've learnt from your PDC. :-D
What do you think about that?

1 month ago
Hola Michael!

Sei que no eres español pero quiero practicar hablar castellano igualmente.  😆 Que tal?
Gostaria de saber mas sobre el puesto si necesitáis aún alguna persona.  
Podemos hablar por Skype quando tengáis tiempo.
Hasta luego

2 months ago
Hi Paul!

Do you still look for an intern.
I'm interested.

How much is the course and are there some student discounts?
Hey guys!

I am pretty new to permaculture. I have cultivated some plants last summer, but didn’t really apply permaculture there.
Was also part of Building parts of permaculture based houses. But that’s about it.
Now I have the great opportunity to create a garden based on the principles of permaculture (which is my wish because I totally agree with the philosophy) in south Sweden. All I cans as for now is that the soil is very clay—y.

Still I’m a very beginner and have no experience apart from the above mentioned.

My question to you therefore is, if you could suggest me some helpful literature, online material, videos, courses, Magazins, Journals,...
I would be grateful for everything. Even if you have Tipps how to start, I’d be glad to know them.
There’s so much material in here. I kinda get lost. Please help me find a way through this jungle  😆

Im very free in theb design and there will also no financial limitations. I can do anything.
As long as it’s eco. I chose the permaculture option.

Thanks in advance
4 months ago