Greg Myers

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since Jan 11, 2019

Goal to make entire backyard a fruit/veggie garden (90% perennials).
Always looking for new fruit-heavy guild ideas!
Michigan, Zone 6a, Clay soil, 0.5 acre suburban yard with downwards-sloped hill to a wetland border.
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Recent posts by Greg Myers

I received a polite reply in the mail with my check included. They had more requests than supply and chose to ration out the seeds primarily to first time gardeners or folks who would not otherwise be able to afford to garden.
10 hours ago
Any news on this front? I sent in a seed request myself and have not heard back.
1 week ago

John Paulding wrote:Midwest Permaculture has some guilds

Thank you so much; exactly what I was looking for!

I'd love to know of more resources like this if folks have anything further along these lines.
4 weeks ago
I doubt it will grow birds though.

S Bengi wrote:Seaberry/goumi family
mint/thyme family
lovage/carrot family
onion/chive family
black berry subfamily
Gooseberry family
spinach family
dandelion family
seakale/cabbage family

Did you plant these guys altogether as a guild? I can see most of the main guild niches covered here...I think.
No tree for the guild--any reason why?
1 month ago

Maarten Smet wrote:I am in zone 6 (South Ohio) with clay soil, I have had good success with:

- raspberries
-(thornless) blackberries
- Comfrey (bocking 14) - dynamic accumulator
- jerusalem artichokes
- Egyptian walking onions
- sweet potato (ground cover)
- Gooseberries

Those 7 are very low-maintenance and resilient

Some others I am trying now:
- Seaberry
- Goumi

Some I have not had success with:
- Blueberries

Blueberries need acid soil to thrive but no matter what additive I provide, it does not seem to take off, instead I planted serviceberry this year, which alledgedly tastes similar, the jury is still out on these.


Thanks. I've had great success with the raspberries and blackberries previously. I've had mint successfully grow in established raspberry crops too...although, no clue if that's an advisable thing or not =)
Personally am trying goumi, currants, and gooseberries now.

If you'll spare some more insight:

Did you plant these guys all together in a guild?

How do you control the spread of the Jerusalem artichokes?
It's main purpose is the solid taproots to break up soil, right?
How do you harvest it without bothering the roots of other plants too much?

Where did you get your walking onion and artichoke seeds?

Any fruit/nut trees you've had a good experience with?
1 month ago
Hi folks, like the title suggests, I'm in zone 6a (Michigan) and looking for help with designing fruit guilds.

My long term goal is to turn my entire back yard (about 0.3 acre) into a food forest (focus on low maintenance, food production and variety).

The initial designing of guilds has been...challenging for me.

I'd love some help designing a few guilds that are centered on edible plants. Exotic is fine. Standard is fine. Variety is great.

I have a location prepped for this coming spring where I'll be planting 2 semi-dwarf cherry trees and 2 semi-dwarf peach trees by my back deck (which is a good 5 feet above ground level).
I have no idea what to plant to support these trees. The tree line/curve will be approximately North/South with the deck and house to the East.
I thought maybe salal or huckleberries for shrubs and wintergreen or gaulnettya for ground cover but honestly I'm application ignorant (and maybe several other types of ignorant =).

I have another area that is downhill and bit above a small wetland area. (There is a light, scraggly tree line to the West of this location, the slope of the hill to the East and nothing to the N/S.)
I'd like to plant some paw paw trees here.
I was thinking possibly blueberries, honey berries, and/or elderberries as shrubs in the area and maybe low bush cranberries as a ground cover.

I'd really appreciate help, advice, resources, anything.
1 month ago