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How to Choose the Best Winter Tent for Cold-Weather Camping?

There's a lot to consider when searching for a camping tent for intense weather requirements:

. Size: A large camping party will expect a tent that is large enough to contain everyone.
. Weight: The weight of this tent also issues. An extremely heavy tent may serve you well but lifting it can be a problem particularly if you are going hitchhiking. For cross country excursions on foot, the lighter the better.
. Prevailing weather conditions: You also must take into account the weather state of the region you plan to visit and buy a tent acceptable for the area.
. Price: Of course you also have to take into account the price of different tents. Price does not always reflect value like seasoned campers will tell you.

Particular purpose tents are extremely helpful in keeping campers safe as they are developed to provide ample protection from the elements while providing occupants with the comfort they need.
For 2019, there are so many extreme weather tents options to pick from but to get the best tents you want to go for one which delivers the very best value for the cost that it's sold for.

We have completed our review and compiled a list of excellent camping tents available today. Listed below are 10 of the finest extreme weather tents.
A number are small and may only contain 2 people (2 person tent) while there are others that can accommodate over that as much as a whole family of nine (family size camping tent). There are tents for summer and cold weather. Read on to locate a suitable choice for you and your family.
1 year ago

This is certainly one question that leaves people with different opinions. “Water is life”. While you can survive up to three weeks without food, the case is different for water, this is the most important  10 Basic Needs for Survival. Depending on the conditions you may likely last for a week or just three days. When in a crisis situation, and there is a downpour you won’t hesitate before drinking. The problem remains with how safe is the water you’re drinking?

Like other water, you can certainly drink rainwater but with precaution. Collecting rainwater for storage is important as well as making it safe. These two points can be a lifesaver in a crisis situation.

There are a lot of contaminants that can make rainwater unfavorable for drinking. For those living around industries and factories drinking rain water directly can be risky. The truth is factories and industries create enough pollution that can lead to acid rain. This can even lead to life-threatening conditions. The case is not different from those living around volcanos or in the places most vulnérable to storms. There are particles emitted by the volcano that can contaminate rainwater. These particles make it unsafe to keep drink rainwater over a long period.

Airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites can make rainwater unsafe for drinking. You wouldn’t want to fall very sick from drink water. It is therefore important to be cautious even when your environment is strictly residential.

Rainwater is safe for drinking if the following guidelines are properly adhered to.

Adhering to these little tips answers the question can you drink rainwater?

. Ensure rainwater is properly filtered.
. Ensure you employ the right procedure when collecting rainwater.
. Endeavor to treat rainwater before drinking.
. Make timely and necessary preparations ahead of time.

1 year ago